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Hear are all me related songs. I don't care how but all these are related to me in some way. I might not remember that some are related so if you want some that's not here I might be able to get it

Melodies of Life
This is yet again the song... It's not the best version. If you really want you can buy the book. I did... its so cool! But I'm like dead on the cover. Oh well. Anyway just go to

Loss of Me
I'm not sure how this is related it just kinda sounds like it is so bare with me people.

Song of Memory

This song comes up when I like find out about my past or something. It's the song of memory so I guess its from my memory! I don't know.

Aloha de Chocobo
Oh shut up! I like chocobos. There that's how their related to me.

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