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  Hey! Thanks for stopping in - I hope you'll find something here to get you to stay a bit longer than the average three minutes, but, If not.. well.. let me just say thanks for stopping by.  If you aren't sure where you have 'landed' in your cyber journey, you have found "Cathy" - a complex, sometimes funny, sometimes corny, mostly 'lazy' gal living in Calabash, North Carolina who is trying desperately to somehow to make a home on the net...  it isn't as easy as one may think, and yet it really wouldn't be difficult if I had a creative bone in my body?  Okay - I'm slightly 'creative'... it just comes out looking or sounding like crap.  It takes rare talent to talk about yourself and not sound like a complete idiot or ego maniac. Most pages are too 'vague' and those that go on and on, well, they are a bore... so where do we find a happy medium? And when it comes right down to it -Do you really 'care' who the heck I am?? I doubt it......   thats probably a good thing though... cause I'm still trying to figure out 'who' I am.

I've been working on 'streamlining' my site a bit, it's not so 'graphic intense' anymore and hopefully it will load up real quick for you. (don't you hate to sit and wait ten minutes for a lousy page to load?)

     Some of the stuff here is pretty much the same as the 'old' pages, but I've changed the layout and removed a lot of the less interesting things.  I have added a few more things, in an effort to make the site more useful, and maybe a bit more fun?

  I've added some of the basics of web page design that I have learned over the past year of doing this stuff, I've had so many people asking me "How did you.....?" that I think it will be easier on my email if I just posted some tips on how I did my page.   This is really geared toward the beginning Web Designer, so if you have done this before you would probably be wasting your time to look, but if you are curious take a peek anyway.... we can always learn something new and different?

     Okay... enough time spent reading all this drivel... go find something - ANYTHING interesting here....   



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