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Luc: Lost in America
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Luc: Lost in America Series

Footprints in the Sands of Time

Jonah's Prayer
Jonah's Prayer

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The Jesse Tree
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What is Fear?

Jagged Rocks The son asked his father, "What is fear?"
He sat there and pondered with a look unclear.
Finally he answered to his young child
With an expression that showed he was clearly beguiled.
"The answer, my son, is not a thing I can name,
For everyone fears, but no one the same;
Some fear the heights, and some fear the dark.
While others may jump at the sound of a bark."
The child then asked, "Father, what do you fear?"
The man sat uneasy and drew his son near.
"Son, the things that worry me and the things that I doubt
Are not things a mere child need worry about.

Don't be misled - You're not to be blind,
For you are still young, and "fear" you shall find.
Your youth may be fleeting, and your innocence may grow dull,
Your happiness and eagerness I don't wish to lull.
You'll have time to grow up, and plenty to fret;
Hold onto your youth - It's early yet...
Go on to bed now, it's getting late;
I'll read you a story, if you want to wait."

Hour Glass Where Time Exists No More

Desert near Dead Sea Where wind blows in fervent gusts,
Over that which was long ago;
And no animal runs wildly

Where death took its mighty foe.

Where life exists in memories
Of that which is no more;

And the rocks hold echoes of the past
Of ancient, misplaced lore.

There lies tales of wickedness
Of men who died malign;
And men who lived for virtue,
Who through virtue still do shine.
But all that lies here is emptiness
Upon this carcass land.
No one tells of those evil deeds,
Save those rocks whose echoes stand.

For what did these evil men fight
In ages long since gone?

For this land is now no longer what
It was when time did dawn.

What did they gain for all their want
Of useless goods of earth?

They earned eternity with the damned,
In place of the one rebirth.

I Can!

That Tree I grew up with that tree and watched it as seasons came and went. Year after year it would follow an inexplicable pattern - in the spring it would burst forth with such life as would carry it into the duration of the summer. And it would live and shout the wonders of creation.

In its most basic nature, it was completely incapable of claiming this miracle to its own power, and yet it towered with incomprehensible pristine beauty. Then autumn would come, and what seemed perfect and fulfilled in its youth paled before what time and nature brought with age.

What sprouted with vigorous new life in excited radiant green gave way to more contrasting yellows, reds, and oranges. They adorned the trees and complemented their surroundings; and such beauty, as is its nature, could not be contained by the confines of the tree.

They would leave their home and shower the ground with color, and spread to all around, as good things must always do. And the tree would let them go, as is its nature, and stood watching its blessings abound around it. In quiet dignity it stood bare as winter approached. There it stood watching as mysteriously time took with it its beauty, leaving a subtler, reverent image.

As it passed through this final season, I would watch in anticipation for this to start over again. And I thought, "Why can I not have that nature, to reflect what God is, and to show beauty through His power, not my own. And to accept what age and experience brings with it, and to ultimately accept what end it brings.

For how can anything so blatantly of God have anything but the beauty and sublime dignity which God gives. Why can't I be that resolved to let His will be, and for me to watch as God's gifts flow through me to all around." And then I thought, "I can."

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