The Law of The Rathurbosk

by Shaun Hately

The Rathurbosk is a civilised area and law on the bridge is strictly enforced. The legal system conforms to that outlined in Chapter 5 of The Lands of Legend with the following notes.

Social Status counts for very little on the Rathurbosk - except the Social Status of the residents themselves. Most PCs should be assumed to be of Status Number 3 (The Lands of Legend, p117-118. People with any title worthy of respect (such as a Noble title or a Knighthood) do have slightly more standing - Status Number 4. Most residents of the Rathurbosk are Status Number 5. Any member of the duul Guidor Clan are of Status 7, and any city official should be considered to be Status 6.

All trials are held in the High Court of the Citadel duul Guidor, the day after the arrest of a criminal, and are tried by Jase duul Guidor, High Justice.

When a Death Penalty is indicated, executions are normally carried out at noon the day after conviction in the Execution Square. Execution is nearly always by being beheaded with an axe, but in the case of particularly heinous crimes may be by burning.

It should be noticed that there are a few lawyers resident in the town - these people may be hired and may have an effect on the chance of a PCs conviction for a crime.

The Rathurbosk Guard

The Rathurbosk has a combination army/police force known as the Guard. It is commanded by Trilothi duul Guidor, and is divided into squads. Each squad contains 5 guardsmen (1st Rank Knights) and 1 Sergeant (3rd Rank Knight) armoured in chain armour and wearing swords. There are 21 squads altogether and they work eight hour shifts. At any time there will be seven squads on duty - one guarding the Watchhouse, one guarding each gate, one guarding the Barracks, one guarding the Citadel, one guarding the Storehouse and one on patrol around the bridge.

Guardsman1st Rank Knight
ATTACK13Sword (d8,4)
DEFENCE7Armour Factor 4
EVASION41d6+7 Health Points

Guard Sergeant3rd Rank Knight
ATTACK15Sword (d8,4)
DEFENCE9Armour Factor 4
EVASION41d6+9 Health Points

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