Prominent People of the Rathurbosk

by Shaun Hately

Bartus duul Guidor

(6th Rank Knight)

The Collector, the hereditary ruler of the Rathurbosk. Bartus is in his mid 50s with white hair, done up in dreadlocks and a grey beard. He is about 5'4" tall and in public always wears chain armour and carries a sword. He is always accompanied by a squad of the Guard in public.

Like most Collectors before him, Bartus has only a tenuous grip on sanity. Most of the time he is all right, but when he is under pressure he tends to lose control. He suffers intermittent melancholia and almost constant megalomania (for details of insanity see The Power of Darkness, p55-61.

Bartus6th Rank Knight
ATTACK19Sword +1 (d8+1,5)
DEFENCE13Armour Factor 5 (Chain Mail +1)
EVASION515 Health Points
St 12; Rf 9; Int 16; PT 12; Lk 14

He wears a Ring of Sentinels with 6 remaining charges (see The Way of Wizardry, p102).

Berek Stele

(5th Rank Assassin)

Berek is a 5'7" tall man, slightly overweight with short red hair and dark brown eyes. He appears to be about 45 and is always immaculately dressed, normally in black silk.

He is a cruel man - anyone who crosses him had better look out because he never forgets a slight against him and will hunt down and kill anyone who stands between him and power. This outlook is why he has risen to be the head of the Council of Thieves.

Berek Stele5th Rank Assassin
ATTACK19Sword (d8+1,4)
DEFENCE11Armour Factor 2 (Padded Leather+1)
EVASION611 Health Points
St 15; Rf 16; Int 10; PT 9; Lk 12

Bishop Vladimir

(normal human)

Bishop Vladimir is 5'11 and very thin - so thin it appears he may be ill. He has long braided hair, silver grey in colour. He always wears the robes of a Bishop and in public is normally seen in his Mitre. He has a pronounced limp and has been known to use his Crook as a walking stick.

He is a very stern man, but scrupulously fair and very forgiving. He takes his faith seriously and attempts to remain aloof from the politics and governance of the Rathurbosk as much as possible.

VladimirNormal Human
ATTACK12Hand (d3,2)
DEFENCE6Armour Factor 0
EVASION35 Health Points
St 9; Rf 10; Int 16; PT 12; Lk 10

Gerold Donovon

(normal human)

Gerold is the owner and manager of the Golden Dragon Brewery. He is a rich man who is known to be able to arrange communication with certain of the Magi of Krarth. It is rumoured that there is some family connection between them - some say a bastard son.

He is about 5'7" tall, and heavily built. He's about 25 years old and dresses well - to the extent that he is regarded as something of a fop. He has a rather arrogant manner and enjoys the good things in life, but he is also a perfectionist - he expects the best which is one reason his beer is so good.

Gerold DonovonNormal Human
ATTACK12Hand (d3,2)
DEFENCE5Armour Factor 0
EVASION38 Health Points
St 15; Rf 9; Int 13; PT 9; Lk 12


(2nd Rank Knight)

Gutmooto is a one time adventurer who took over the Flynt Ridd Tavern about 40 years ago. He's a jolly man with a red face and flaming red hair, and he normally dresses in a leather jerkin which serves as Padded Leather armour. He wears a short sword and has a special dispensation that allows him to do so.

He's a very generous man and can afford to be - running the only tavern on the Bridge makes him so. He is out to make a profit but if a person genuinely cannot afford to pay for food or lodging, he'll give them credit - although woe betide anyone he sees making a purchase in the marketplace if they still owe him a debt.

Gutmooto2nd Rank Knight
ATTACK14Shortsword (d8,3)
DEFENCE8Armour Factor 1
EVASION410 Health Points
St 11; Rf 9; Int 12; PT 11; Lk 11


(normal human)

Hiabour is the Master Librarian of the Library of Jastel. He is a scholarly man with short brown hair and green eyes. He is nearly always in a good mood, and loves to have people in his library - not least because it makes his library more money. He is enthralled by books - he loves them with a passion and any character who can add to his libraries collection will be most welcome.

HiabourNormal Human
ATTACK12Hand (d3,2)
DEFENCE6Armour Factor 0
EVASION34 Health Points
St 9; Rf 9; Int 16; PT 12; Lk 13

Jase duul Guidor

(3rd Rank Knight)

The brother of Bartus duul Guidor, the current Collector of the Rathurbosk, Jase is the High Justice and is normally found in the Court with the Citadel duul Guidor.

Jase is not an honest man, which is unfortunate for justice on the Rathurbosk but can be to a characters advantage. As such he will willingly except bribes as per The Lands of Legend, p114-115.

In appearance he is about 5'11" tall and rather frail. He is in his mid 40s and his black hair, tied in dreadlocks has begun to turn to white. He wears his black robe and white stole of office constantly, but underneath it wears ring mail armour and bears a sword - being a member of the duul Guidor family can be dangerous. He is a vigorous man, and can be found at the Public Baths each morning.

Jase3rd Rank Knight
ATTACK15Sword (d8,4)
DEFENCE9Armour Factor 3
EVASION414 Health Points
St 12; Rf 9; Int 14; PT 11; Lk 12


(7th Rank Sorcerer)

Rauk is almost certainly the most powerful Sorcerer in the area and he is quite proud of the fact. He built his tower in order to attract students and he nearly always has several students. He believes in the free exchange of information and will willingly discuss and debate with any other Sorcerer who comes to him. This debate will take the form of a dispute as outlined in Dragon Warriors, p141-142 and so may yield experience for the Sorcerers concerned.

Rauk is about 5'5" and is always seen in a deep purple robe with red edging. He seems to be in at least his 70s, possibly older, but except for a slight limp seems to have no health problems. In fact he is well built and seems very fit. He is polite but rather humourless and easily irritated if he thinks is time is being wasted.

Rauk7th Rank Sorcerer
ATTACK14Dagger (d4,3)
DEFENCE8Armour Factor 0
MAGICAL ATTACK2525 Magic Points
EVASION411 Health Points
St 12; Rf 10; Int 16; PT 17; Lk 12

Rauk wears a Periapt around his neck (The Way of Wizardry, p95).

Trilothi duul Guidor

(10th Rank Knight)

Trilothi is the eldest son of the current Collector, Bartus, and Heir Apparent to the title and rulership of the Rathurbosk. He is the Head of the Rathurbosk guard and has a reputation as a brilliant warrior. He wears his plate armour at all times in public and wears across his side on a baldric the duul Guidor's ancestral sword, Helgryak's Claw (Sword +3).

He is a powerful man, 6'7" tall and extremely muscular. He is about 30 and has long black hair tied in dreadlocks and steel blue eyes. He wears a moustache which he keeps impeccably waxed, and his appearance is marred only by a scar on his right cheek gained in the crusades about 5 years earlier.

He is a very fair, very stern man, obsessed with justice. For this reason, he hates his Uncle Jase, the High Justice, who he knows accepts bribes. Anyone who offers Trilothi a bribe will find themselves in the Arena with him as he considers the very idea a slur on his honour and worthy of death.

Trilothi10th Rank Knight
ATTACK26Helgryak's Claw (d8+4,8)
DEFENCE19Armour Factor 6 (Plate +1)
EVASION623 Health Points
St 18; Rf 10; Int 13; PT 10; Lk 16


(1st Rank Knight)

Vaturien the message-taker is an employee of the dull Guidor family and resides in the Citadel duul Guidor. He is their agent and is sent by them to all places on the Bridge bearing their messages and their orders. He travels armed with a short sword but wears no armour as he relies on speed to do his duty. If attacked, he will defend himself and call loudly for the guard. If given the opportunity to escape he will, because his duty is to protect his messages. He is about 5'9" tall with mousy brown hair and is aged about 20. He is energetic - almost hyperactive it appears to many, but when he is not working is always quick to talk and very friendly.

Vaturien1st Rank Knight
ATTACK14Shortsword (d8,3)
DEFENCE9Armour Factor 0
EVASION48 Health Points
St 12; Rf 17; Int 12; PT 9; Lk 12

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