• International recognized certificates of rank.

  • Standardized teaching and training methods.

  • Cross-training in several styles.

  • Discounts on purchases of martial arts equipment and training aids.

  • Newsletters.

  • Discounts on W.M.K.F. sponsored seminars and camps.

  • Free training at W.M.K.F. Headquarters.

  • Access to other martial arts organizations.

  • Fellowship with other serious martial artists.

  • Discipleship training.

(LtoR GM Hodge, GM-Sifu Rick Ward, GM Hodge Instructor, Professor GM Eugene Humesky,

(LtoR GM Hodge, GM-Sifu Rick Ward, GM Hodge Instructor, Professor GM Eugene Humesky,
And Dr. David Kash founder of Cloud Forest Kung-Fum)

We believe that the more a martial artist knows about the techniques he is performing, the better he will understand them and the less tempted he will be to make unwarranted and inadvisable changes. While we recognize that evolution is inevitable in the martial arts, we choose to make any changes slowly and only following careful analysis and testing. In this way, the ancient martial arts traditions can be preserved and passed along with greater understanding and meaning.

We have found that there are two basic martial arts organizations -- those who tell their members exactly how to do everything and thus smother them by treating them as if they were children, and those martial arts organizations which simply sell certificates without ever giving any guidance. The World Moosul Kwan Federation is the exception to the rule. We are looking to develop a special type of martial artist: one who is aware of the origin and meaning of the traditions and of the martial arts and respectful towards them, knowledgeable about the scientific principles and laws which form the foundation of all truly effective martial arts techniques, and open-minded and respectful towards all martial artists of good reputation regardless of art, style or rank.

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