Black Belt Association and World Moosul Kwan Federation Member Certificates




Send a copy of the requirements for promotion in your style; copies of current rank certification (must have complete address of issuing organization.) Once WMKF has determined authenticity, the appropriate certificate will be issued as part of your membership. A small photograph of yourself should be included with application for membership and rank certification.




Send same credential requirements listed above, plus a VHS video of your black belt test or presentation of all forms (katas, hyungs, poomse, patterns, kuens, etc.) to current rank, including self-defense techniques.

If Video problematic, contact WMKF Headquarters or U. S. Administrator.

Black belt certification fee includes beautiful 11" x 17" multicolor certificate and identification card. Fourth Dan (degree) and above please contact WMKF for fees and special procedures.

Can be obtained by attending one of the Semi-Annual WMKF Instructor Seminars.

These seminars are normally held over the Memorial Day weekend in the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina, and in December at the WMKF Headquarters school in Florence, South Carolina.

If attendance isn't feasible, a VHS video will be accepted, showing actual instructing skills, along with a $20.00 U.S. certification fee.


See actual Info packet for details or call the U.S. Representative.

The following examples are for the WMKF membership applications:



GUP Annual Membership


DAN Annual Membership


Asst. Instructor License

$15.00 (green to red belts)

DAN Instructor License

$20.00 (all black belts)



TO RECEIVE THE TWO PATCHES WITH YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR THE W.M.K.F., THE COST IS AN EXTRA $10.00 PER PATCH. One is the WMKF patch and the other is the Chang-Hun Taekwondo Association (CTA) patch. You may order both or just the WMKF patch.



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