Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge, Sr.

Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge, Sr.


Highly trained in a variety of martial arts, Grandmaster Derman B. Hodge, Sr. believes in teaching the traditional martial arts using modern scientific methods. For Grandmaster Hodge, the martial arts are a way of life. He stresses the necessity of balancing the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of being in both martial arts training and daily life.

Through the World Moosul Kwan Federation he has certified over 200 Black belts in various styles including Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Hosin-Do, Sil Lum Kung-Fu, Karate, Tang Soo Do, Judo and Weapons.

From the World Martial Arts Academy (International Headquarters) in Florence, SC, he oversees an international organization of over fifty member-schools and thousands of individual members. Grandmaster Hodge also believes that all Head Instructors of affiliated schools should be allowed to operate independently, without politics that are in so many organizations today.

Grandmaster Hodge is also the author and editor of several books and video tapes on various aspects of the martial arts. He has helped produced along with Dr. Dennis Medsker, a audio cassette tape and book on how to keep students motivated in training. He is perhaps most unusual in his dedication to the brotherhood of all Martial Arts. Not only does Grandmaster Hodge study and teach a variety of arts and styles, he also encourages his students to learn from all sources available to them, and not to have a narrow mind when it comes to the other styles or try to decide which one is the best, because all have similar techniques and movements!


  • Founding-President-The World Moosul Kwan Federation

  • Founding-President-The Chang-Hun Tae Kwon-Do Association

  • Founding-President-The World Martial Arts Weapons Federation

  • Author-World Moosul Kwan Federation Student Manual

  • Author-World Moosul Kwan Federation Instructor Manual

  • Co-Author-World Moosul Kwan Healing Arts Manual

  • Editor-in-Chief-The Storm Warrior Newsletter

  • Advisor to the Director-International SungjaDo Association

  • 8th Degree Black Belt-Chang-Hun Tae Kwon-Do

  • 8th Degree Black Belt- Korean Ki-Do Hae

  • 8th Degree Black Belt- Hosin-Do Tae Phung Kwan

  • 8th Degree Black Belt-Hapkido Moosul Kwan

  • 8th Degree Black Belt-Mooki-Do Moosul Kwan

  • 10th Degree Black Belt-Sungja-Do

  • 7th Degree Black Belt-Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan

  • 5th Degree Black Belt-SenKi-Do

  • 4th Degree Black Belt-Tang Soo Do

Master-Instructor of:

  • Hosin-Do Tae Phung Kwan, Hapkido Sun Moo Kwan

  • Tae Kwon-Do, Hapkido Moosul Kwan

  • Mooki-Do Moosul Kwan, Kobudo Weapons

  • AikiJuJitsu, TaeKyon, Yu Kwon Sul and Tai Chi




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