On the Right Hand of God
A Partial History of the Sacred Fungi




Part One
    The Fungus Among Us

Part Two
    The Written Word

Part Three
    Naked in the Desert
    Desert Teacher
    Journey to the Mountains
    The Mushroom Speaks
    What the Hell?
    Blessed are the Meek

What the Hell is going on here?

Let's run thru this again:

A I met a fungus entity that told me that they are the ones who have played god to us all these centuries.

Our history verifies this. The symbolism, word roots and holy books bear this out. What I have presented here is just a smattering of the evidence available. I can go on for days telling stories that back up the fact. And the mushroom detectives, people like the Wassons, Mr. Allegro, the McKennas and countless others have spent a great deal of time pointing out these connections. They are real.

The information gathered in this research tells us that they have appeared as both god and devil to mankind. They have used both cloaks to hide their intent. They have used the old "Good cop, bad cop" routine on us all along. They created and control all the players, all religions, all the evil cults and secret societies as well the science, the military and the financial markets... all of it.

My basic experience is nothing new. A similar experience is at the beginning of every cult, religion, breakaway sect, secret society, monarchy and warrior tradition on the planet. These are not hallucinations. They are the real deal with all the power and all of the responsibility that goes with it.

B They also told me their objective. They said they wanted us to take them to a new home in the stars.


One of the most important survival programs in any plant is the one designed to guarantee the dispersal of its offspring. This allows the plant to move into new territory. If it were not for this feature, the plants would eventually use up their available resources and starve to death. Terrestrial plants have developed many interesting ways to insure that their seeds have a chance to land on fertile soil. They commonly use the wind and water as carriers, but sometimes they use elaborate methods to hitch rides on more mobile species.

The hallucinogenic fungi have developed just such a system. Just as seeds can be blown from meadow to meadow, these tiny spores can hop from Planet to Planet, blown off of the top of the atmosphere by the Solar winds. To leave this Solar System they need some help.

C The plan currently in place is to force this "lazy animal" to take up residence in space by killing the biosphere.

By applying the stress of overpopulation and increased aggression, coupled with technology and our ability to manipulate energy, there is only one direction for mankind to go. He must find or build another suitable environment in which to live before he destroys this one.

The various species of hallucinogenic fungi have acted in consort to terrorize mankind. They have set man against man in centuries of combat, so that he would have the drive to conquer this world, and search for a new one. Dispersal to the Stars with the help of homo-sapien, isn't that what the gods have been telling us all along? "Come, sit by my right hand and travel with me to heaven in the Stars, for life everlasting, for salvation and immortality." Who could ask for more?

Imperfect Control

There are several other things that their messages told me. For instance, their "control" over us is not very concise. They have given us a lot of freedom to act on our own, and not much direct control. Although their intelligence is great and their knowledge vast, they cannot do the work. We have to do it. They are "spiritual beings", not of the physical world. They are forced to work through us. They have used deceit, coercion, intimidation and lots of bluff and bluster to try to get us to do what they want. Why? Probably because that is the most effective strategy available to them. It has already been remarkably successful. Just a few thousand years ago we were a stoneage people with little chance at flying off into space. Look at us today! We have managed to spend some time in space, proving that colonies are possible. We have even sent out probes that might escape the Solar System. Their control may be imperfect, but it seems to be working.

D Time Limit

Time is running out. It takes a long time for civilization to get up enough juice to colonize space. This planet has a habit of shrugging her shoulders every few thousand years. It could be caused by volcanoes, falling rocks or whatever, but in the long term, the surface of the Earth is not a very stable place. They are telling us that we had better get cracking on our mission.

E Alternative to the Warrior Ethic

They are also telling us that it doesn't have to be this way. There are alternatives. They have been pointing them out to us for thousands of years. At some point the warrior and his ethic no longer serve the needs of the gods that spawned him. When we cross that threshold, the cooperative, nurturing and intuitive side of our collective nature will dominate. The sooner we can get on with this new age, the better. Meanwhile, the warriors mean well. They are just doing what they believe to be right. The sensitive souls among us have gotten the message. Peace and love will prevail.

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

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©2005 jim cranford