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Terry Bollea is back in the WWE and Gery Roif is happy and feels his
work has been accomplished as fans will keep getting updated on WWE TV.
Roif: "I will keep updating the matches and titles pages as much as I can,
meanwhile don`t forget to visit www.redandyellow.com and the United forum.".

Hulk Hogan passes Torch to the Rock at WrestleMania 18 in Toronto

Report by 1wrestling.com`s Buck Woodward
Hollywood Hulk Hogan, covered with feathered boas, came to the ring.  Rock came out second, andthe crowd gave a good reaction to both. The crowd was way into this one.  They stood face to face, then both looked at the crowd, as they were chanting for both men. The bell rang, and they circled each other.  They locked up, and Hogan shoved Rock to the mat and flexed. The crowd went nuts for it.  Hogan mocked Rock's "Just Bring It" motion.  Hogan locked up and grabbed a side headlock.  Rock broke out, and was knocked over by a shoulderblock from Hogan. Hogan posed again, and the crowd went nuts.  Hogan kneed Rock in the gut, then pounded him with forearms and punches.  Hogan said "You ain't nothing, Meatball" ala Thunderlips in Rocky III.  Hogan hit a clothesline, but missed a second one and Rock hit a flying forearm.  Rock did the "Bring It" motion, and fans went nuts again, maybe more boos than cheers.  They shoved each other in the chest, then Rock unloaded with punches and laid the Smackdown, sending Hogan to the floor. Rock went after him on the floor, hitting him from behind.  They got back in the ring, Hogan reversed a whip, but Rock kicked away a backdrop, hit Hogan, and went for the Rock Bottom, but Hogan blocked it and elbowed out.  Hogan whipped Rock into the ropes, hit an elbow, then dropped two elbows before stopping on a third and raking his eyes with his boot instead.  Hogan whipped Rock into a corner and clotheslined him.  Hogan missed a kick to the gut, but pounded Rock with punches.  Rock got a double leg takedown on Hogan and pounded him.  Rock got off him, and the crowd was booing more than cheering Rock.  Hogan hit a back suplex, then applied an abdominal stretch, and pounded on Rock's ribs.  Hogan cradled Rock for a two count.  Hogan raked his nails down Rock's back three times.  Hogan pounded and chopped Rock, then bit him on the head.  Rock chopped Hogan, and Hogan tried to reverse a whip, but Rock hit him with a reverse elbow.  Rock charged Hogan, who hit a modified chokeslam, then choked the Rock.  Hogan took tape off his wrist and choked Rock with it. They traded punches, and when Rock lunged at Hogan, he tossed Rock over the top rope and to the floor.  Hogan went after him, ramming Rock into the stairs, and dropping him on the security wall. Hogan cleared off the announce table.  Rock hit a series of punches on Hogan and rammed him into the table.  Rock went to use a chair, but the referee took it away, and Hogan clotheslined him.  Hogan tossed Rock into the ring, and Rock fired off some punches.  Hogan sidestepped Rock and hit a double axhandle to the back, and Rock bumped into the referee, knocking him out.  Rock hit a spinebuster on Hogan, and both men were down.  Rock tripped Hogan as they got up, and applied a sharpshooter.  The crowd was booing Rock as he put on the move.  Hogan powered up and made the ropes, but there was no ref to break it.  Rock dragged Hogan back to the ring, and Hogan tapped, but there was still no referee.  Rock let go of the hold, and went to check on the ref.  The fans chanted "Rocky Sucks".  Hogan hit a low blow, and gave Rock a Rock Bottom to a huge pop.  Hogan covered, and the ref crawled over for a two count.  Hogan took off his weightlifting belt, and whipped The Rock with it.  Hogan went to punch him with it, but Rock ducked it and hit a DDT.  Rock picked up the belt, and whipped Hogan with it repeatedly.  Rock hit the Rock Bottom, but Hogan kicked out at two, and hulked up.  The place went nuts, as Hogan did the full Hulk Up, and started pounding Rock.
Hogan hit the big boot, and dropped the leg. Rock kicked out at two. Hogan punched Rock, hit another big boot, but Rock rolled out from a second legdrop and Hogan crashed down.  Rock hit a Rock Bottom, but instead of covering, went for it again.  Rock delivered the Rock Bottom again, kipped up, and went for the People's Elbow, which got a pop.  Rock hit it, and got the pin. The Rock defeated Hulk Hogan. Hogan got to his feet, and held out his hand to The Rock.  Rock shook it, and Hogan gave a thumbs up to the Rock.  Rock left, and Hogan got an ovation from the crowd. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash came out, and attacked Hogan.  Rock ran back in, and Hogan & Rock ran off Hall & Nash. Hogan thanked Rock, and started to leave, but Rock got Hogan back in to do the old school Hogan celebration.  The fans went nuts for it.  Rock and Hogan left together. Hogan stopped to point at a sign that said "Rock-A-Mania" and said that was "for life".  At the entranceway, Hogan raised the Rock's arm in victory.


Terry Bollea`s friends have confirmed that indeed he has reached an agreement with Vince McMahon
to appear at WrestleMania. His return should happen on couple Raws before WrestleMania,
Nash`s return should take place after the Rumble, while Hall`s return is scheduled at No Way Out
which is not confirmed, but that`s what I understood.
I was also told Terry Bollea should make a statement about it, while not denying.
Don`t miss it, I hear that for the first time he will break 100% kayfabe.
Two years ago, I told you about an nWo reunion in WCW, throughout the2 years I told
you Vince was trying to get Terry for WrestleMania, now finally Terry realized his place,
he talked to the Nature Boy, he talked to Nash and finally agreed to lower his price, so
thank you Ric, thank you Kev and most certainly thank you Vince!
If I`m not wrong, Terry`s return will be a surprise, but from what I understood, he will
mention that he`s negotiating with the WWF, but won`t say he signed a contract, because
he will sign the contract physically only the day he walks the aisle, just like Hall,Nash and
all other surprises!
Torondo fans, Hulkamaniacs from all over the world check out the "Support Hulkster"
page and find out maniacs who live near by and lets all go together to Toronto to watch
Hulk Hogan`s come back!
Click here to read Bob Ryder`s sources` report on the above.

Hulk Hogan will not respond to Randy Savage`s Shoot Fight Charity challenge
Click here to listen to Randy`s challenge.
Click here to read Randy`s Press Conference
Click here to read what an Eye Witness said about the Press Conference.
I think Randy`s doing a great job donating 10,000 to the All Children Hospital
in Hogan`s name. This may develop as a major national story leading to Wrestlemania 18.
It also may end up embarrassing Terry Bollea.
Bollea knows Randy wants to prove that he is the better man and Terry also knows
in a Shoot, Randy will take the Hulk apart as he`s done many times before when found
Terry and Liz and thinking there`s something to it. I believe Randy`s upset that
Terry told John Flloyd to hire  Stephanie Bellars(Gorgeous George) former Savage`s girlfriend.
I think it`s for a good cause, but at the time, Terry has no will to reply, he feels that even if
they work things out with Savage and agree for a worked match, Savage may snap
and start shooting in the middle of the match, kick Terry`s ass and embarrass him on national TV!
On a shoot fight, my money`s on Savage, about Terry, from what I`m being told he ain`t going to
respond, although I hope he will and I even urge him to for this great cause!
Also, it could be a great deal if they will do a re-match for the Make-A-Wish Foundation or
any other Charity foundation.
C`mon Terry, the kids need you there! I sure as hell can`t wait to see how it develops and
even though what I was told hope to see Hulk and Macho get it on for the kids!
December 14th Update:
Terry declined Macho`s challenge yesterday on Bubba`s show, according to Terry,
Macho`s challenge was made to embarrass him and not raise charity for the kids, by
making him, Hogan the bad guy.
In my opinion, the only way to settle this will be a Shoot Fight at WrestleMania,
but also in my opinion, Terry knows Randy can kick his ass in a shoot, so
he ain`t gonna be up for it! For the record, WWF are still trying to sign him for WM 18!
December 25th Update:
Randy Savage, Andrew McManus, Doc McGhee and Rick McIntosh
donate 21,000$ in Hulk Hogan`s name to All Children's Hospital.
Apparently Terry Bollea is  much smarter than we Hulkamaniacs think he is,
next time we`ll have to trust him!
Macho just tried to lure him into the WWA Revolution PPV!
Macho was out there to embarrass the Hulkster, and promote the WWA march
PPV by this 1wrestling.com big announcement! Non the less, still great to see
the donation.
Click here for the Macho press release

12/20/01 Hulk Hogan Interview,  "Unscripted" with Chris Connelly on ESPN
Click here to watch the entire interview via Real Player
Click here to read the interview
Click here to read Dave Scherer`s comments about the interview
Click hereto read Dave Meltzer`s comments on the interview
Meltzer and Scherer pretty much said what I would`ve said, but I`ll add one
thing, out of all the BS one thing was correct and that`s WWF`s low ratings and
that WWF need the Hulkster back to boost the ratings up brother! Also unlike the Daves,
I want to see Hulkster back in the WWF for a long time like the Nickster!

Hulkster to work Puerto Rico and Japan? HELL NO SAYS GERY!!!
World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico, it`s owner Carlos Colon has been spreading
rumors about bringing the Hulkster for the 1/6/02 event on for Three Kings Day.
Tatsumi Fujinami spreading rumors about Hulkster working the 1/4/02 Tokyo Dome show!
At this time, Terry already has plans for these dates from what I`ve been told and will not be
at either of the events! If he changes plans, I`ll do my best to let you know, but again at this
time Hulk Hogan will not appear at neither aforementioned events!
The only thing confirmed is that Hulkster is still in negotiations with the WWF!

One in a life time chance to get Hulk Hogan`s Harley Davidson
Unfortunately, I have to sell my showroom Harley Davidson,
originally special ordered and owned by Hulk Hogan used in “Thunder in Paradise” .
It is in mint condition, and I thought you might like to see the picture of it and
you may possibly know someone who would be interested in buying it.
Due to financial concerns, we are forced to sell the bike at an unbelievably low price.
We are asking only $35,000 obo.  Please reply to this email and let me know if there
is something  you can do to help or if you know someone who is interested.
It`s Red 1993  FXR Harley Davidson in mint condition with the premier
“Bad to the Bone” paint scheme and detailing by the infamous “Cycle Fabrications”
which is a biker’s dream custom shop!  It has not been rode very much at all except, of
course, by Hulk Hogan.
This bike was originally special ordered by the Hulk and featured in the TV series
“Thunder in Paradise”
Pix bellow
Thank you so much
Tina Cranford
If interested buying, please click here

Hulkamania Runs Wild in the XWF [18.11.01]
Exclussive XWF pix: Hogan vs Hennig working for free & backstage:

Click here for a detailed report
Also, at this time it looks like the Hulkster will work more dates
for XWF, but it all depends on whether or not XWF will be picked up by a TV Network, as these tapings where used as pilots and sent out to all the major networks
Credit to  http://www.sooperfriends.org/pics/partypix/XWF/for the pix
Go there to download full size
Thanks to my main man Mike Morrow who sent those pix

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Read here what Bobby Heenan had to say about the Hulkster

Click here for october 29th the XWF news

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Rick Miesse meets the Hulkster: The Story
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Hulkster Honored as Sports Humanitarian on may, 21st 2000!
June 13th A&E Special preview&review and video clips
Hulkster meets the Meros and Kid Rock

A Dedication
Hulk Hogan brought great joy into my life, forever has been and for ever will
be my childhood hero!  As we grow old, sometimes our heroes pass the
current standards, but for me where ever I go, whom ever I talk to, the influence
and memories of Hulk Hogan are carried through me, because no matter how
wrestling changes and no matter if Terry can`t keep up with the insiders` standards,
I enjoy following his career, doing research on his past and reliving the joy of
seeing him perform through video cassettes.
Hulk Hogan was the reason casual fans got interested in wrestling, he
got the wrestling business out of the gutter into the main stream,
all the wrestlers today, who are enjoying themselves, owe some to the Hulkster.
Most importantly, I owe my world to Hulk Hogan, because if not for him,
I wouldn`ve found myself like many youngsters try as teenagers!
This is also a dedication to Terry Bollea, the man who rushes to the Make a Wish
Foundation when called upon, a man who goes to see his kids` activities after not
sleeping a week and  a man who through thick and thin goes out of his way to
entertain and keep  bringing joy to kids` lifes all over the world!
At times when I disagree with him, I criticize him, however
I`m still very proud to be his fan, to be a Hulkamaniac!
Thank you Terry for everything, whatever you do, where ever you go, you can count
on the support of your Hulkamaniacs!

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