Despite not having any formal training, I’m quite happy with the photographs I’ve managed to take over the years. A wide variety of equipment was used to take these photos, (including an ancient Voigtlander on at least one trip), but the vast majority were taken with a Nikon FE2 and a handful of lenses. I owe any ability to compose compelling photographs to my husband who remains my best teacher and travel companion.

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Tarahumara musician, Chichuahua, Mexico
Mission church, near Creel, Mexico
Monserrat monastery, Catalonia, Spain
Lucerne, Switzerland
Parque Guell, Barcelona, Spain
Fisherman's home, Newfoundland
Iceberg Ice for sale, Twillingate, Newfoundland
Square in Campeche City, Mexico
Toronto City Hall
Fish drying, Trinity, Newfoundland
A morning safari walk, Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
Children in Mahenye, Zimbabwe
A patriotic shed, Newfoundland
Lake safari, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
Bumpy the baby warthog, The Hide safari lodge, Zimbabwe
Purple sky over Zimbabwe
Cape buffalo and elephants by Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe