My articles have appeared in national and international newspapers and magazines for over 10 years. So far I’ve written about Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, the U.S. and Zimbabwe. Browse through some of my favourite articles and you’ll get a sense of what the inside of my passport looks like too!

Newspapers: From my beginnings at The Mexico City News to my current contributions to Canadian papers, I’ve always had a special love of daily newspapers. In addition to being a frequent contributor to The Globe and Mail, I've also been published in the National Post, The Independent (UK), the Vancouver Sun, the Edmonton Journal, the Hamilton Spectator, The Oregonian, and The Rocky Mountain News. Some of my favourites are:

  A car–crazy kid goes to racing heaven
The Globe and Mail
June 19, 2004
  Family Cruise
Edmonton Journal
January 17, 2004
  A chance to know Texas
Vancouver Sun
November 29, 2003
A dynamic kids’ attraction
The Globe & Mail
July 12, 2003
  Roaring times in Victoria
National Post
April 26, 2003
  Whistler: Whistler Unplugged,
The Globe and Mail,
February 15, 2003
  Algonquin Park: Urbanites face up to nature in the wild,
The Globe and Mail,
August 10, 1996
  Bermuda: Sunken ships off Bermuda thrill divers,
The Globe and Mail, January
Gunner's Cove: Unearthing the Rock,
The Globe and Mail, January 9, 2002
  Roycroft: Where the Arts and Crafts movement bloomed,
The Globe and Mail,
November 16, 1996
  Rafting: Riding a Zambezi River raft with Terror holding the paddle,
The Globe and Mail,
September 30, 1995
  Icewine: Icewine: Frosty climate proves a tasty blessing,
The Globe and Mail,
November 27, 1996
  Puerto: The pounding surf of Puerto, or Puerto Escondido: Mexico without Hype,
The Globe and Mail, February 16, 1997
and Rocky Mountain News,
February 16, 1997
  San Cristobal: Highland retreat at Mexico's foot,
The Globe and Mail,
February 3, 1994
  Swiss Spa: Switzerland's sporty spas ,
The Globe and Mail,
April 1, 1995
  Dolphin Camp: Making splashes in Central America,
The Globe and Mail,
June 26, 1996
  Currency: The almighty buck comes in many forms,
The Globe and Mail, June
22, 1994

Magazines are my passion. I love to read them and write for them. I’ve written for Maclean’s, Leisure Canada, Travel Canada and Homemakers.

Here are a couple of examples:
– Maclean’s
– Reader’s Digest
– Endless Vacation
– Toronto Living
– Homemakers
– Leisure Canada
– Travel Canada


A Parent’s Guide to Toronto
In 2002 I wrote my first book, A Parent’s Guide to Toronto, (Parent Guide Press, ISBN ). The book aims to help parents get the most out of a visit to Canada’s largest city, with a wealth of information about Toronto’s past, present and future. Favourite sights, restaurants and events are listed according to location. There’s even a chapter on Niagara Falls, a very family–friendly destination.