I first encountered the Web in 1993 while working as a media officer at Greenpeace Canada. Two years later I got online at home with a non–profit ISP called Web Networks and spent many evenings exploring the brand new information highway. Since then, I’ve started a webzine, worked for a major Canadian Internet portal and continue to contribute to online publications.

Edible Planet
I began my professional relationship with the Internet in 1996 by launching a travel ezine with my husband called Edible Planet. It was a marriage of our twin loves: travel and food. Unfortunately back then it was so early in the Internet game that advertisers we approached didn’t even know what a banner ad was! Or what was to become of the Worldwide Web. But Edible Planet got rave reviews in the press and from our peers notwithstanding its rather short Web life.


Excite Canada
In 1997 I started working for Rogers Communications on a fledgling high–speed Internet service called the @Home Canada Network. It became Excite Canada and flourished for a couple of years until its demise in 2001, a victim of the Internet bubble. While at Excite@Home I edited and produced several channels, including News, Finance, and Lifestyle. One highlight was a project I did for Excite Canada and adidas, which chronicled the adventures of a group of young Canadian athletes at Sydney’s Olympic Games in 2000.

Roger’s Hi–Speed Internet
Currently I write three articles each week on Health, Recipes and Parenting for the Rogers portal. In an earlier incarnation of the site I wrote a weekly column called Netparent, sharing tips on how to use the Internet to make parenting easier and more fun. Recent examples follow.

Letting kids be kids

Helping kids with assessment tests

Getting into the Zone

Living longer

Keeping Johnny cavity free

Home ice advantage

Irish cuisine

Aromatherapy: uncommon scents

Family hikes for little tykes

Chef’s school

Perfect pitchers

Noodling around

Harvesting herbs

Microsoft Home Magazine
I contribute to this Microsoft Canada Web magazine, devoted to making technology more female-friendly. I’ve written on topics from organizing your desk to using your computer to make flashy gift wrapping.

Booking a babysitter for the holidays

Visit your local library from home

Eliminate paper: Pay your bills online