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Mike Cameron 44

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Weight: 195

Age: 29 (1-8-73)

High School: LaGrange (LaGrange, GA)

Family: Wife Jareka, children Dazmon and T'Aja

How Aquired: Acquired from Cincinnati as part of the Ken Griffy Jr trade. (2-10-00)

Interveiw taken from the 2001 Official Year Book

Best thing about growing up playing baseball in football country (Georga)

"It was a lot of fun, because I enjoyed all the sports. And being able to play all the sports probaly made me a better athlete."

What's playing in your cars CD player?

"A little R&B. It's always been that way for me. I find it soothing."

Movie you'd like to have a part in?

"'The Natural'-I want to be Robert Redford. I'd love the chance to bat left handed."

Wallstreet or Brodway?

"Brodway. Lights, action, excitement. I like everything about it. Wall Street is too much stress."

Taxi or Limo?

"Taxi. A limo brings too much excitement. Taxis are pretty simple, I like that."


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