The Maldivian National Congress combines democratic values and social justice to form a system whereby everyone in Maldives can live on an equal basis with great emphasis given to the rights of individuals and the freedom of _expression.

In all of the MNC's General Congresses, the organization would review the rapid developments in the world and in the region, re-assessing the strategies and policies to be

adopted in order to enable the organization to serve the Maldives more efficiently.

Surely Maldivians would have high expectations from the MNC. The MNC believes that there is much to be done in order to serve the nation. It is also aware of the difficulties and obstacles before its path and wary of ploys against the democracy and the organization itself.

MNC strongly believes in internal peace and regional stability. The preservation of unity and the integrity of Maldives is an aim of the organization. The full rights of the Maldivians and the freedom of expression can only be achieved through peaceful means in a democratic and a unitary Maldives.

The Maldivian National Congress is grateful to International NGOs, the UN and its agencies, governments and the public of the neighboring countries for their support for a democratic and a unitary Maldives.

Maldivian National Congress shall register after the work of Special Majlis is completed and when approved by the council of MNC.MNC also strongly believe that'Laws must be made in the parliament by the representatives of the people'.


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