"Super - T" Concert Tour 2000 - Asahikawa

  • The Year 2000 is definitely a rewarding year for Koji. He organized his first oversea solo concert in Hong Kong (He also went to Hong Kong 12 years ago as Anzenchitai). Most of our Hong Kong fans were so happy at Koji's performane in Hong Kong that many of them are looking forward to his performance in Japan too. Three die-hard Koji fans in Hong Kong, Anthony, David and Nick attended the last concert of the year in Daisetsu Arena in Asahikawa, the hometown of Tamaki Koji and Anzenchitai. The following are their reports!!

    Person Date City
    Anthony, David & Nick Oct. 15, 2000 Asahikawa - Daisetsu Arena

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    Concert Report


  • David, Nick and myself returned to Hong Kong late last night from our trip to Japan. It was an excellent trip and we had a great time. Without further ado, here is the concert report:

  • The concert took place on 15th October at Asahikawa's Daisetu (pronounced "Dai se tsu") Arena, at 7:00pm. It rained during the day of the concert but the location of the Arena is very easy to find.

  • We arrived at around 6:00pm. Upon entering the arena, I immediately went to the souvenirs stand to have a look. Unfortunately, all the Super-T 2000 sweaters, T shirts and tour programme were sold out before the tour reached Asahikawa. In fact, everything was gone. I bought Satoko Ando's debut CD "A Little Seed Of One Big Tree" and also Tamaki's "Grand Love" video tape (I still hope someday it will be released on DVD).

  • After that, we hung out at the foyer for a while and we met up with our fellow Japanese fans from the Koji Tamaki Mailing List. There were quite a few of them who made it and most of them are from outof town. We chatted for a while before we entered the arena to our designated seats.

  • The arena is fairly big. I suppose the arena is designed for winter sports so it felt cool in there temperature-wise. By 6:55pm, most people are already seated. Our seat is on the 18th row in the centre section. Although it is not extrememly close to the stage, we managed to get a full view of the concert stage. Since Carlos Kanno will be present to play percussion with the band, Nobuyuki Takahashi's drum kit was moved slightly more towards Noriyuki Takahashi's bass amplifier cabinet. Carlos Kanno's percussion equipment is set up next to the drum kit.

  • Then, the lights dimmed and Tamaki walked to the centre stage. The first thing he said was "samui nee" while rubbing his hands. As everyone in the audience is giggling, he then took the guitar from his roadie and began the concert with "Aoi Nasu Batake" performed by himself alone.

  • During the concert, Tamaki paused a few times between songs talking to the audience. Being in his hometown, he mentioned something about his school and his age. The audience resoponded accordingly. As well, on some of the songs, he inserted the word "Asahikawa" in the lyrics. The audience cheered whenever he did that.

  • The Asahikawa concert set list is more or less similar to the Hong Kong concert's except with "Friend" and "Melody" being omitted from the Asahikawa set list. Also, during the regular set, "Jirettai" was the only Anzenchitai song performed. "Wine Red No Kokoro" was performed during encore instead.

  • The vibe of attending a Tamaki concert in Japan is some serious mojo. :) As a member of the audience, the Asahikawa concert was more enjoyable than Hong Kong for a number of reasons. Firstly, throughout the concert I did not hear any mobile phone ringing, as heard during both nights of the Hong Kong concert. Of course, neither did I hear anyone actually answering or making mobile phone calls (it happened on both nights in Hong Kong, too). Secondly, most of the audience arrived on time. So by the time "Karinto Kouba No Entotsu No Ue Ni" was being performed, there was hardly any distracting movement from the audience. I hate to bring up these two things but I hope someday this will change. Finally,the audience in Asahikawa were allowed to stand up when the song being performed fits the occassion. In Hong Kong, the audience were treated like little school kids by the security personnel with a Gestappo attitude, especially in the early stage of the concert. ;o

  • Before the last song of the evening, the rest of the band bid their farewell and left the stage while Tamaki and Ando stayed to perform "Natsu No Owari No Harmony". Suddenly, I realised that the concert is one of the main reasons we came to Asahikawa for. While I was relieved that we made it and had achieved most of our objectives, I cannot help but saddened with the thought that this was coming to an end.

  • After the concert was over, we proceeded to the pre-arranged rendezvous point to meet up with the KTML members to join their off-concert gathering.

    [Concert Report] [After the concert...] [My Impression (Part 1)] [My Impression (Part 2)] [My Impression (Part 3)]

    Written by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: November 19, 2000
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