"Super - T" Concert Tour 2000 - Asahikawa

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My Impression (Part 3)

  • Greetings,

  • The following is Part 3 of my impression on Asahikawa. This is the last installment of my Asahikawa report.

  • Prior to the concert, David, Nick and myself took time during the day to visit Koji Tamaki's alma mater. It was a rainy day. After a look at the map during lunch, we decided to go there from downtown Asahikawa on foot. It took about an hour and a half to get there. Of course, we stopped several times to appreciate the scenery so the time it took could have been shorter.

  • Since it was a Sunday, there was no one at the school. Looking from the outside, I think the school probably has been renovated since Tamaki's school days. Both the primary and secondary sections looked very modern. We also had a look at the school playground. There is a softball field at the back of the secondary section. I wonder if Tamaki used to play ball there, since he is a fan of baseball?

  • There are a few other places that might be of interest to those visiting Asahikawa. There is the Ayako Miura Literature Museum. An Asahikawa native, she is the author of "Hyouten". The title was used by Tamaki in one of his singles. The museum is situated next to a conservation forest which has over thirty different species of trees not found in Japan. Also, from what I understand, some of the famous scenarios from the novel "Hyouten" took place in that conservation forest.

  • Not far from the Ayako Miura Literature Museum is the City of Asahikawa Museum. Due to the lack of time, we did not make it to the Museum. I hope I can visit that museum next time I go there.

  • As I mentioned previously, apart from the Snow Museum, the Hokkaido Village of Traditional Arts and Crafts has other buildings also. One of them is the Museum of Textile. There, different styles of textile work can be viewed. The other building is the International Museum for the art of Dyeing and Weaving. This museum has collected works of dyeing and weaving from all over the world (about 90 countries).

  • For those who are into arts and crafts, visiting the Hokkaido Village of Traditional Arts and Crafts while in Asahikawa is a must. Those who plan to visit the Village should be prepared to spend quite a bit of time being there, in order to cover all three buildings. When we were there, I noticed the front yard has quite a few maple trees. During the Fall season, maple leaves turn red and the scene is beautiful.

  • All in all, this trip to Asahikawa was packed with lots of fun and excitement. Being able to attend Tamaki's concert in his hometown was really something. Visiting Harvest Road House and meeting our fellow Japanese KTML friends made this trip even more memorable. Now, I think I finally understand the sentiment that Tony Bennett was singing about in "I Left My Heart in San Francisco". Likewise, I left my heart in Asahikawa.


  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people:

  • David and Nick, my travel mates. It was a blast, boys.

  • Our Japanese contacts and our friends at KTML. Without your kindness and hospitality, the trip would not even have been half as nice. I hope we will meet again soon.

  • Our fellow list members. Thank you for all the last minute assistance, kind wishes and moral support. We made it and came back in one piece!

  • And last but not least, you, who has spent time reading my reports and has come this far. Thank you for your interests.

  • End of report

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