"Super - T" Concert Tour 2000 - Asahikawa

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After the Concert...

  • Greetings,

  • Here is the report of the events occurred after the concert.

  • After the concert was over, we went to the pre-arranged meeting point to meet with the members from the Japanese Koji Tamaki Mailing List who also attended the concert. We then headed to a yakinikuya (Japanese barbecue) restaurant nearby.

  • While we were having a nice meal, we were mingling around getting to know each other as well. Meanwhile, Nick was gracious enough to rush back to our hotel to fetch David's guitar. Upon Nick's return with the guitar, David began a short but pretty nice mini-concert. David played "Kanashimi ni Sayonara", "Den'en" and quite possibly "Karinto Kouba no Enototsu no Ueni" (sorry, sudden lapse of memory, must have been the beer ;P). Everyone present joined in to sing along. The last song we did at the restaurant was "Gin Iro no Pistol". Throughout this mini-concert, everyone was very enthusiastic, even though the last song is not an Anzenchitai hit single song. Unfortunately, time was winding down and some of the members had to leave. I wish everyone who could play the guitar got to play at least one song, but it was not meant to be. Anyhow, we left the restaurant and went to a karaoke club with the remaining KTML members.

  • One of the nice things about Japanese karaoke club is that there is no shortage of Anzenchitai/Koji Tamaki songs. The one we went to is no exception. However, along came something challenging: there is a point scoring system in effect and after a song is over, the screen will display a score determined by the computer as to how well the song was performed. Luckily, we all made it with decent results. We had a very good mix of Anzenchitai and Koji Tamaki songs. Needless to say, we all had a great time.

  • The next morning, we got together at our hotel lobby to take a trip to the Snow Museum. A bit of Anzenchitai trivia: part of the museum was used as a photography location for one of Anzenchitai's tour pamphlets. The place is beautiful with lots of things to look at, such as ice sculpture (both natural and crafted), as well as tutorial information about snow. The Snow Museum is actually a part of the Hokkaido Village of Traditional Arts and Crafts so there are plenty of other places worth visiting. This is a recommended point of interest to visit while in Asahikawa.

  • After visiting the Snow Museum, we went back to downtown Asahikawa for lunch. At the restaurant, there were many laminated autographs of celebrities from all over Japan. Of course, what caught our attention were the autographs of all members of Anzenchitai on the wall, along with Polaroid snapshots of them. This is not the only restaurant we saw their autographs. With them being Asahikawa natives, it is no surprise to see their autographs everywhere.

  • We spent a little bit of time looking at the photographs we took up to that point of our trip. Then, the KTML members were getting ready to visit Harvest Road House. Our train to the New Chitose airport was almost due as well. It was time for us to bid farewell.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank our KTML friends from Japan for their kindness. They really made us feel at home while we were there. All the wonderful times we had together while we were in Asahikawa will stay with me for a long, long time. I hope we will meet again soon.

    [Concert Report] [After the Concert...] [My Impression (Part 1)] [My Impression (Part 2)] [My Impression (Part 3)]

    Written by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: November 19, 2000
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