"Super - T" Concert Tour 2000 - Asahikawa

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My Impression (Part 2)

  • Greetings,

  • The following is Part 2 of my impression on Asahikawa.

  • While David, Nick and myself were having something to drink at Caf des Prs, we had a look around. There is some Anzenchitai memorabilia at the caf's counter. We saw a gold record of Anzenchitai IV and a gold single of "Wine Red No Kokoro", both were presented to Yuji Tanaka. Also, there is the Anzenchitai "Memories" CD on display. The cover photo of the CD was shot at the dining room of Harvest Road House.

  • Also on display were guestbooks signed by patrons. Much to our delight, in the guest books we discovered that there are quite a few fans who had visited Harvest Road House. I must say that the hostess was super nice and was very tolerant of us walking around the restaurant. For a while, we looked liked a team of forensic scientists, snapping pictures everywhere and whatnot. :)

  • We had hoped that we could catch a glimpse of Miyashita-san. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as Miyashita-san had gone for a hunting trip and was not expected to be back anytime soon. At any rate, the chef who prepared our dinner remotely resembled Miyashita-san. I wonder if they are related.

  • The dining room itself is elegant and cozy. We sat at the corner table. The full course dinner started at 6pm. Before we started, I had no idea that we were about to taste some of the best French cuisine. The dinner was aweesome! Everything we had was sourced locally. Freshness makes a big difference. I normally do not have dessert after dinner, but this time around I could not resist... Up until that point, our dinner in Tokyo and Asahikawa had always been Japanese. Dinner at Harvest Road House was definitely a very nice change.

  • By 8pm we were ready to leave. We called for a taxi to pick us up at Harvest Road House. Please note that the last bus going to the direction of downtown Asahikawa (Route 667) will pass by the bus stop at 8:55pm on weeknights. After that, taxi would be the only way to go. The taxi got us to the main road intersection and we walked to the bus stop nearby.

  • I always enjoy French cuisine but dining at Harvest Road House has been a unique experience. As far as I am concerned, Harvest Road House is one the major landmarks in Asahikawa. Now, we can really proclaim that we have made it to Asahikawa!

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    Written by Anthony Chan
    Organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update: November 6, 2000
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