Tamaki Koji with Anzen Chitai - Cafe Japan Special Concert

  • So folks, finally it's all over....a wonderful trip for me to Japan and be able to see the Tamaki Koji with Anzen Chitai concert - Cafe Japan Special. The following is a brief report on the concert with some photos..enjoy!!!

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  • So it all began with the following advertisement:

  • According to the Yomiuri Shinbun, a daily newspaper in Japan, dated November 20, 1996 on page 27, and information from the Sony Homepage, Tamaki Koji will be performing at the following places next Spring!

    Monday, February 3, 1997
    Hokkaido Kousei Nenkin Kaikan

    Wednesday, February 5, 1997
    Sapporo Tsukikan Green Dome

    Thursday, February 6, 1997
    Obihiro Shimin Bunka Kaikan

    Saturday, February 8, 1997
    Asahigawa Shimin Bunka Kaikan

    Wednesday, February 12, 1997
    Osakajyou Hall

    Thursday, February 15, 1997
    Nagoya Rainbow Hall

    Thursday, February 20, 1997
    Tokyo Budokan (with guest Takenaka Naoto from Tokyo Suka Paradise Orchestra)

    Friday, February 21, 1997
    Tokyo Budokan (with Anzen Chitai)

    Show starts at 6:00pm

    Seats are 5,000 and 6,000 yen each, all reserved. Prices are tax included.

    Tickets go on sale on Saturday, November 30, 10:00am JST

    Ticket Pia 03-5237-9933 (*)
    Ticket Saison 0120-86-9993 (*)
    CN PlayGuide 03-5802-9900 (*)
    Kyodo Yokohama 045-671-9911
    Tomorrow House: 03-5410-9999

    (*) denotes special phone lines for Koji Tamaki/Anzen Chitai concert only!

  • That was back in late November 1996, and I suddenly have a thought of going. I contacted another Anchi fan in Seattle, Teruyuki Mihashi and we have the same ideas too, simply because the name "Anzen Chitai" appears on the ads. and this means the band is once again performing one "One Night Theatre" in Japan!! I and Terry just felt that this is the one and last chance that the 5 band members will join again and play some good stuffs, and so we contacted Masao Hayama, the original maintainer of Anzen chitai Homepage. Masao will return back to Japan in mid-December from Seattle, and he will purchase the tickets for us. Another fan Patrick Leung from Hong Kong will join us too. So 4 die-hard Anchi fans going to Budokan!

  • Around early-January, Terry received the concert tickets from Masao and he sent the tickets to me and Patrick. We are all really excited about the ticket but unfortunately it seems that Terry couldn't make it to the concert because he just couldn't get away from his work. So I promised to get him souvenirs since he has got me a ticket!! In the mean time I was planning for my trip and everything is ready! I will go to Kyoto first for 2 days and then for the remain 3 days and of course watching the concert on February 21!!

    [Introduction][Arrived at Budokan] [Concert Details] [Afterthought]

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