Tamaki Koji with Anzen Chitai - Cafe Japan Special Concert

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  • Well after 2 hours and 20 mins of excitement, the concert was over. I and Patrick said good-bye to Masao's brother, picked up the camera (camera cannot be brought into the concert hall), and headed to Shinjuku to meet Bryon Kidd, maintainer of the great Bonsai homepage and Takefumi Motoda . We were supposed to have a karaoke night but it took a while for me and Patrick to reach Kudanshita subway station as everyone from the concert tried to get to there too and in addition to the cold weather, we were 45 mins. behind schedule. When we arrived at the entrance of Sumitomo Bank, only Motoda was here. We tried to reach Bryon but he wasn't here. So it was only until I came back to Toronto did I learn that Bryon was just having an interview for a new job that nite, and he couldn't make it to the karaoke after the interview. So that's ok. (By the way, congraduation Bryon!!)

  • So we three went to have a night snack instead because we just didn't have much time left as I had to go back to my inn before 11pm, and we had a picture together. (Unfortunately I wasn't on the photo!! Motoda was in black and Patrick was next to him). During the outing we three shared a lot on Anzen Chitai and Tamaki Koji. Motoda went to the 1987 Anzen Chitai To me LIVE in Budokan when the band was at their most popular period.

  • About the concert, I have mixed feelings to it. The not-so-good feeling was the absence of an Anzen Chitai member, Takezawa Yukata. Takazawa was usually playing the classical guitar and he had no glasses, and was always standing on Tamaki Koji's left side. He had superb guitar skills and techniques and I am sure the concert would be been much better if he was there. Anzen Chitai consisted of 5 people and it's really unfortunately that 1 member was missing...!! After the concert I had been trying to find out why he was not in the concert as the concert is advertised as "Tamaki Koji with Anzen Chitai" concert. Tamaki Koji didn't mention anything about Takezawa's absence during the concert. It was until I came back and I got some info. from another Anchi web page maintainer in Japan, Izumi. I found out that Takezawa and Tamaki were having some problem and actually this might be one of the main reasons why Anzen Chitai won't release any more album. It's sad to learn that because Takezawa and Tamaki found Anzen Chitai and they were the original members.

  • Nonetheless, the concert was still really good. There were many Anzen Chitai all-time favourite songs but I felt that it's a totally different style, probably because of the absence of Takezawa, and the fact that there were string session and other percussion sets in the concert. So that's why when Rokudo played "Anata ni..." solely on piano while Tamaki sang the song, I was moved..!! On the other hand Tamaki's songs from his solo albums were well expressed and it's a different feeling now to have most of the Anzen Chitai members playing Tamaki's songs. On a technical point of view, good use of variety sets of spotlights and no noticeable performance errors. There were also many guests and celebrities including Koizumi Kyoto and Matsui Goro and this highlighted the concert and brought it to a climax. The fans were participating and hands were always clapping...!

  • So that's the end of the "Cafe Japan Special Concert" report. Once again I have to thank Terry Mihashi, Masao Hayama, Patrick Leung, Takefumi Motoda, Jimmy Chang, Bryon Kidd, and many others in Japan. Without their help I won't be able to attend the concert and the trip won't be as wonderful as I experienced.

    [Introduction][Arrived at Budokan] [Concert Details] [Afterthought]

    Written and organized by Kelvin Tsang
    Last update December 7, 1997
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