Tamaki Koji with Anzen Chitai - Cafe Japan Special Concert

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Arrived at Budokan

  • It was Friday, February 21, 1997 around 4:30pm and I arrived at Nihon Budokan, an octagon-shaped venue built for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and it's the place for Judo and gymnastic competition. It was a windy and cold afternoon and the temperature was -7C but the weather won't discourage the fans from lining up in front of the souvenir booths. There are telephone cards, T-shirts, track suits, key chains, ear rings, concert book, Tamaki Koji song collection booklet, food cans, and many other small items too. All souvenirs are about Tamaki Koji and there is no Anzen Chitai souvenir. I have to purchase many souvenirs for my friend as they pre-paid for the items and I was going to get them T-shirts. However the T-shirts are all gone but it's ok since they just have the little "Cafe Japan" logo and without any picture on. I thought that the concert book is a much better alternative with photos of the concert. Many many items sold out fast including the Tamaki Koji song collection booklet which features the melody scores and guitar chords of most Tamaki Koji's songs from [All I Do] to [Cafe Japan].

  • Around 5:15pm I met Patrick and he took a picture for me too! I met him while he was waiting for me in the ryokan when I came to Tokyo from Kyoto. There in the ryokan I received yet another news....Masao couldn't come to the concert because he has a nose operation right on the day of the concert and his brother will come instead!! Oh well, then leaves me, Patrick and Masao's brother. Actually there is another fan named Jimmy Chang and he is from Taiwan. He saw the Anchi page just weeks before the concert and he is a die-hard fan of Anzen Chitai. I told him that there will be a concert in late February in Tokyo and he decided to go without any hesitation! Unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of him in the concert and we didn't see each other but just talking on the phone the day after the concert. I now remembered that I should give you my seat number and vice versa so that I can come and find out before the concert begins..!! Oh well..!

  • So around 5:30pm the gate opened and we entered Budokan.

    [Introduction][Arrived at Budokan] [Concert Details] [Afterthought]

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    Last update: December 7, 1997
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