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God saw they were their happiest and
someone would not let that be.
So He put his arms around them and whispered
"Come with Me".

With tear filled eyes we watched them,
suffer and fade away.  Although we loved them deeply, we could not make them stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
hard working hands put to rest.
God broke out hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

This poem is a special gift from
someone very dear to my heart
thank you Megan always !!!

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When Jason was four years old,
He sat at the piano at a Christian camp we  attended.
He sat on the paino bench and began to play the song
"Chariots of Fire"
In amazement,  my pastor and I looked at him and asked
Jason, how did you learn to play that?
He said "Oh silly Mommy, I heard it in the movie you took me too".
Three weeks prior, Jason and I went to see Chariots of Fire.  He remembered the song and played it by memory. I was so amazed.
He immediately took piano lessons, but got bored,  he later got his first set of drums, and they became his love.
I am sure he is making beautiful music in heaven!
God love you , my son !!!
In Loving Memory