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1. Have a valid reason for attacking someone, don't just attack a person because you don't like them or something.

2. Don't kill anyone without their permission, remember, the dragon balls do not exist in this world, so if your dead, you stay dead.

3. Relationships between characters must be agreed upon by both players.

4. No excessive cursing, you can say damn and hell as much as you like, but keep the others to a minimum.

5. Violence, Go Nuts! I'm not very strict on this one since just about 3/4 of Dragon Ball Z there's something violent going on.

6. No clones, original Z senshi, big gigantic monster like things, and no fruit of any kind(Please people! I cannot stress that enough!) will be accepted

7. No attacks that kill you in one hit, no freezing, no KO moves, anything that will make you win a battle instantly.

8. Remember the MV does not have the right to attack you, he only gains that right when you are in his range of power, so if you even have a remote chance of success you better watch yourself, you may also attack the MV at any time, but don't get ridiculous people, if your PL is 1,000 and his PL is 1,000,000,000,000,000 don't go rushing into battle. To further prevent this, a fair warning that losing to a match with an MV can cause consequence to your character, such as getting absorbed, or other things that could put you out of commission for a while.

Rules     Terms    Information

Main Villain(MV) - This type of villain will pop up every now and then in addition to the quarrels between characters. MV's are allowed less limitations and more powers than ordinary characters. MV's are the only type of character that you may kill without permission, the resulting death of an MV will end a saga, and TS will be set at 0 - 3 years. What's the difference between an MV and an evil character you may ask? Well, evil characters are competitive with others, they could be weaker or stronger than the Z senshi, but every once in a while an extra strong villain pops up, one whom is ridiculously stronger than the others, one whom all characters, good and evil, would have to face, this is, you guessed it, an MV.

Time Skip(TS) - Just what it sounds like, the next post can occur between the two numbers that the TS is set. So if the TS is set at 0-3 years, the next post can occur weeks, months, or years later in game time. The TS may also work back in time, you may write your post back in time for as far as you want, but you may only go forward in time(from the present) one hour unless I state otherwise.

Game Time(GT) - This is the IF clock that is put at the IF Date Clock, it will tell how much time has past within the story, this is useful if you are in the middle of a battle or are on a deadline. Remember if there is a clock your character DOES age, so if your character starts out 10, (s)he  could by 20 by the end of a coupple of sags, but don't worry, power levels will be altered by me according to the TS . The GT will start at 0 hour, or midnight, year 2020(20XX).

Date Clock(DC) - Put at the beginning of each post, it will keep track of the GT and TS's it will be written as: Time, Year, Place. The Game Year is 20XX the only time you are required to list this is if the year somehow changes during TS or if you're post occurs in the past.

Rules     Terms    Information

Kamehameha - Well, unless you've somehow been hiding under a rock for ten years, you'll know what this is, Son Goku's trademark attack, there's nothing really special about it, but it is much more effective than an ordinary ki blast.

Makankousappo - Ah yes, probably the hardest attack to say in the entire history of DBZ, for those of you not familar with the Japanese title, the dub simply states it as "Special Beam Cannon" it's Piccolo's famous cork screw beam that went right through Raditz/Son Goku's chest.

- Another one of Son Goku's attacks, it summons up ki energy from the planet itself, taking a rather long time until it gathers the energy from every living thing until it forms into one gigantic ball of Energy.

Kaiou-ken - Ack! This attack taught by Kaou-sama, it enables you to temporarily increase your power, every Kaiou-ken level will add onto your ki by 10%, for every three thousand in your power level you will be able to reach a new Kaiou-ken level until you achieve 5(+50% of your pl). Then after that it will only increase for every three million until you reach 10x(+100% of your power) then it wil increase every six million until you reach a maximum of 20x. PHEW! Sorry abuot it being so complex but it's either that or I would have to eliminate Kaiou-ken all together.

I'm workin' on it!
I'm workin' on it!

  This page has got it all on the various forms of Super Saijyn, each coming with it's advantages, but along with it are the limitations on ssj and weaknesses. I recommend you at least look over it even if you are not Saijyn, it might provide you with some useful tips if you ever find yourself going head to head with a Super Saijyn.

  This page will serve as the guidelines for races that have the ability to transform. Includes power level requirements in accordance to the percentage of increase. This is the place to go when you want to add power ups for your own original race, nothing special.