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DBXX is no longer accepting members until further notice.

The Signup Form:

* = optiona;



Phonetic Name: Phonetically spell your character's name, for example if your character's name was Ginger, you would put here, Jin-Jer


Place of Birth:

Race: If your character is a hybrid it can only be between two races, and must be accordence to the rules, so no Nameck-jyn Saijyn Fruit People, and no animals please(seriously, I've seen things from Mad Pigeon to Mortal Wombat. Lastly, if you are full Saijyn I will decline your character since I am no longer accepting thing, if you absolutely MUST be Saijyn you may be up to 1/2 hybrid between human.

Power Level: 1 to 1,000

* 1st Generation: Original Z Senshi Ancestry (Goku, Vegeta, Kulilin, etc.)

* 2nd Generation: 2nd Generation Z senshi Ancestry (Gohan, Trunks. Goten etc.)

Next Generation: Immediete Family Ancestry (parents/grandparents)

Weapon: Keep it simple, no Omega Suppa Giant Mega Blasters, and include a brief description, also note that you do not have to have a weapon.


Quote: Something your character would/did say in a situation try and make your statement something that sums up the characters personality, so don't just write "I like flowers." well unless that's what your going for in your personality ^_^

Voice: Basic tone of voice, but try and add a little detail.

Physical Description -

Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Hair Style:





* Miscellaneous:

History/Background: You cannot be from Vegeta-sei, know any of the original Z senshi, be the omnipotent god of the entire universe etc. etc.

Faith: Good, Neutral-Good, Neutral, Neutral-Evil, Evil

Attacks: Keep in mind that you may choose to start out with Energy dan and Bukujitsuu outside your first five attacks. Now you may have up to five attacks, but if you choose to have less than that, you may learn the rest later on, whether it's a classic Dragon Ball Z attack, or a completely new attack taught to you by the Dragon Ball XX characters. The only exception I have is fusion.

Attack #1 - Have a description of each attack
Attack #2
Attack #3
Attack #4
Attack #5