Opportunity Intelligence . . .  

Is an area within Competitive Intelligence - is focused on idea gathering and channeling, not threat assessment. It is based on the thought that ideas abound, but are rarely taken advantage of because of a lack of a process to collect and channel the ideas.

How do organizations get the ideas that are turned into potential projects? Are they born mostly from Operational Departments, which can render project ideas that make the organization more efficient and not necessarily more competitive?

Ideas originate from everywhere. Employees and managers read magazines, newspapers, trade journals, view external databases, read vast numbers of documents, consult with experts, attend trade shows, attend club meetings, speak with sales representatives, interact with customers, conduct interviews, interact with suppliers, chat at lunch, and socialize with industry and competitor counterparts.

But what happens afterwards? If the ideas do not directly impact their respective areas of responsibility, even if involving the keenest of ideas, likely nothing.

Who in your organization is scanning your environment and continually updating Senior Management and Product Managers on the ideas that are possible now, that can be implemented in the near term, or that may be required because of new technology, markets, or changing customer demographics? People 'in-the-know' know, but do not always have a mechanism or an appreciation for how vital this information is to the right persons.

In your organization, are ideas being tracked and followed-up? Is someone held accountable? Is there a senior-level review board to assure proper treatment of new ideas? Or, is the introduction of potential ideas left up to the available tactical capacity of any one manager?

We have developed a seminar that will wake your managers up to the rich ROI potential of Opportunity Intelligence. It will instill in them the value of idea collection, and give them a methodological place to start from.

We invite you to send for information, and then to register individuals for this two-day information and strategy-packed seminar.
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