Surviving the Internet . . .



A Seminar for Parents, Educators, and Corporations


This seminar is designed to help inform parents and educators about the realities of the Internet, both good and bad, and the many imprecise alternatives available for protecting children.


  1. Terminology

  2. Benefits of the Internet

  3. Ugly Side of the Internet

  4. Overview of Children's Issues

  5. The Law

  6. Strategy

  7. Guidelines

  8. Suggestions for Educators

  9. Family Pledge

  10. Authorities and Organizations

  11. Technology

  12. Potential Next Steps

  13. Online Resources



The seminar is participative, and guides the audience through fact-balanced discussion.  The proper length of this seminar is approximately 3 hours, however, the most requested is a version trimmed to 1 hour.  


Not listed above or below is specific content that is available which is dedicated to the complex issues of Public School Systems, Public Libraries, and other institutions that have a responsibility for the safety and varying needs of their surfers.   This specific content covers more about the Law, issues of censorship and free speech, review of specific approaches taken by other institutions and their successes/failures, and specific technical infrastructure requirements to ensure a scaleable and flexible solution.


Selected slides from the seminar:


Agenda Law Law - comments Strategy - don't Technology
Overview Law - F.T.C. Law - comments Strategy - additional Technology - comments
Issues Law - C.O.P.A. Strategy Pledge - components Technology - types


Law - comments

Strategy - comments

Pledge - example Resources


Law - comments Strategy - parts F.B.I.  


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