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- 9 February 2004 -
A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Take Two was extended to February 8th and I got in just under the wire. Trouble is My Business, an au featuring Xander Harris, P.I. It's a total hommage to Raymond Chandler, who I've been mainlining for the past month. Also, new recs up at Illiterati.

- 20 January 2004 later -
For the moment, I am completely up-to-date. I can now enter the Remix Redux II with a clear conscience. Of course, there's still the A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: Take Two story I have to finish before February 1. sigh

- 20 January 2004 -
The drabbles are up! The drabbles are up!

- 13 January 2004 -
Housekeeping! I'm getting everything I wrote in 2003 up in preparation for Remix Redux II: Electric Bugaloo. (It'd be nice for whoever is assigned to me to have some variety to choose from!) Got the Smallville stories up but I still need to add all the Wednesday 100 drabbles. Then it's on to the odds and ends -- I'm going to need a page for my lonely Dead Zone and Good Omens fics.

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