The Sentinel
I joined SENAD about a week or two after it started and was active for a couple of years. Many of my stories are humor or sillyfic based on list discussions. In-jokes and self-references abound and after so much time away, even I don't get some of it. I burned out majorly during Season 3 and have never regained my fondness for reading this fandom, but The Sentinel was one of my gateways to cyber-fandom and the slash community so it will always have a special place in my memories.

Kindred Spirits (M/B NC-17 -- A Sentinel/Highlander cross-over)
-- when Hairboy met Old Guy

Double Blind (J/B NC-17)
-- Jim's new girlfriend looks just like Blair
(originally printed in Come To Your Senses #1)

Impermanence (J/B G)
-- Jim discovers the awful truth....

Chemistry (J/B PG-13)
-- a Valentine's Day story

Partners (J/B, G)
-- how it could have ended

You're Nobunny 'Til Somebunny Loves You (J/B PG-13, Humor)
-- an Easter story - really

Cat's Paw (J/B NC-17)
-- Jungle Jim and the panther morph

After Hours (J/B NC-17)
-- PWP

-- Sentinel Too inspired a very depressing poem

Drabbles and Poems:
"Master Plan" -- from ep "The Rig"
"Heat" -- from ep "Light My Fire"
"Mixed Doubles" -- from ep "Light My Fire"

Dear Occupant (J/B PG-13, Humor)
-- Blair gets spam

From the Journals of Blair Sandburg (J/B PG-13, Humor)
-- SENAD wondered what was in those notebooks

Puppy Love (J/B PG-13, Humor)
-- maybe you shouldn't share every thought with your lover....

The Doctor Is In (J/B PG-13, Humor)
-- Blair sees a therapist (later printed in Extra Touchy Frisky #1)

Packing (J/B PG-13, Humor)
-- sequel to The Doctor is In

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