Highlander: The Series
When they cast Peter Wingfield as Methos, they caught lightning in a bottle. Sheer magic.

...And The Horse I Rode In On (PG)
-- the episode "Chivalry" from the ROG POV

Kindred Spirits (M/B NC-17 -- A Sentinel/Highlander cross-over)
-- when Hair Boy met Old Guy

-- odd, I hadn't pegged Methos as a poet, at least not in this century

Three Scenes in Search of a Plot (PG-13)
-- throwaway lines that I couldn't bear to throw away

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Xena: Warrior Princess
Fun, goofy, and there was just something about Ares/Joxer....

Casus Belli (A/J NC-17)
-- Ares seduces Joxer while a rescue party comes to ... silliness

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness (NC-17)
-- a challenge: Iolaus slash, a bathtub and Cupid....

A Song In His Heart (G, Humor)
-- Iolaus gets a little divine inspiration....

Just one for now, though I do have most of My Slash Lady written and several Christmas carols. (Is that sacrilegious?)

Oh, What an Episode
-- that heady moment after The X-Files ep "The Red and The Black"

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