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Note: Some of you have expressed confusion over the dates of these essays. Since some of these essays were written before this site was even founded, I've changed things around a little bit. Hope this clears things up.

    Daughter of Kings- Rachel, a true Éowyn fan, discusses the shieldmaiden's spirit and courage.  Posted: November 2003. Original essay: November 2003.
    Hobbits, Not Housepets- an analysis of Pippin's role in Minas Tirith (Pippin being my favorite character besides Éowyn).  Posted: November 2003. Original essay: October 2003.
    Faramir is Evil Like Gandalf is Green- in defense of the film version of Faramir, in response to DeeDee's groovy article.   Posted: November 2003. Original essay: November 2003.
    Perfect Faramir- some early ramblings about this incorruptible character.   Posted: October 1997. Original essay: October 1997.
    A Bit on Birth Order- an older article I can still stand to look at, but with some new graphics. Sorts out some sibling issues between characters.   Posted: July 2000. Original essay: May 2000.
    Beowulf & Old English Influences- a slightly more recent article translating and comparing names in Rohan culture with Viking and Anglo-Saxon cultures.   Posted: November 2001. Original essay: September 2001.
    Anglo-Saxon Influences- sister article to 'Beowulf,' describing Anglo-Saxon cultural elements in Rohan, as well as weighing in on Norse themes.   Posted: November 2001. Revised: October 2003. Original essay: November 1994.
    Aragorn & Éowyn- a little bit about their relationship (or lack of one).   Posted: January 2002. Original essay: April 1999.
    The Norse Presence in LotR- describes some of the specific parallels between Norse myth and Tolkien's works.   Posted: August 2002. Original essay: September 1997.
    Horses in LotR- Description, history, and even some movie information for these animals who play such a special role in Middle-Earth.   Posted: January 2003. Original essay: January 2003.
    some poetry- the intro is a lie, since "a few" of my poems have been reduced down to one, but there's other good stuff there, too.
    humor- lots of nonsense spanning years of hopeless juvenile geekiness (and still!).

    If you've been here before and you're looking for an older article (1997-1999), email me with either a title or a decription and I'll send you a copy. Many earlier articles have been removed due to quality, application, and changes in my own personal taste.