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Here are some great personal essays from Éowyn fans. There can never be enough of us in the world, so if you have a story you want to submit, just email me and I'll put it up! Let the world know how and why this brave character came to be your favorite.

I like the restless spirit in Éowyn. When I first read the books, I thought Arwen was pretty neat since I like elves, but then I read about Éowyn! She had so much emotion in her struggling to get out. I thought it was cool to imagine her disguising herself to get into battle. Though, now that I think about it, part of that I think was bitterness, but Faramir smoothed that out and helped her discover the softer side in herself. (By the way, I don't like Arwen at all in the movies. I agree with Jen on that one.) I also like the whole norse warrior feeling, and that culture with the horses-that's pretty cool. She stirs a feeling deep inside of me that no other fictional character has.

-- Teresa

I think the movies have had a huge influence on many people who had not realised Tolkien's work. I first watched 'The Fellowship' and was mesmerised. Of course, Éowyn didn't even have a mention. So I went home and constantly had my nose in one of the 3 books. At that time, my favourite character was Arwen, because she was a heroine in the movie, and I was a bit upset when she was hardly in the book. Then when I got into 'The Two Towers' I realised there was a woman Aragorn met. I thought she was just going to be some woman like Arwen--just mentioned how beautiful she looked. But then as people made ready for war, she pleaded to follow Aragorn to the Paths of the Dead. I just assumed she would not be able to fight even though she was not scared of death or fighting.

During the War of the Ring, she became Dernhelm who defended Théoden, and, once I had read that part of the story, I have always loved Éowyn. Also, Faramir and Éowyn are a great match in the book, but I think Faramir is not good enough in the movie as he doesn't have that sort of Numenorian quality to him. He seems kind of weak if you ask me.

-- Lauren

I saw the first movie before I read the books, so sorry if I don't get some of the facts right. I saw the first movie and was blown away, and didn't know Éowyn even existed. Then I read 'The Two Towers' last summer, which confused me a little because I made the mistake of reading the second book without going back to read the first book. That didn't matter much, though, because I fell in love with Éowyn the minute she was first mentioned. I like that everyone was so afraid to offend her, and how all the men were worried about protecting her, but she didn't need their help at all. I was so impressed when I saw the second movie. I thought they got her just right. Miranda IS Éowyn. I can't wait to see how the third movie turns out!

-- Jessica

Mostly I like Éowyn because I don't like Liv Tyler. I'm one of those few who saw the movies without reading the books, so I was glad when I found out how much Arwen wasn't in the book, but I was mad at the movie for giving her so much more room. I would rather Éowyn had more of a starring role instead of Arwen. Éowyn's so genuine and brave. I think the filmmakers of the movies were trying to make Arwen be just like her from what I read.

-- Jen

Éowyn's been my favorite character in Rings since I first read the books in ninth grade. She's truly one brave lady. I was really apprehensive about seeing the films until my friends talked me into seeing 'The Two Towers' and I have to say I was fairly impressed with how Éowyn was portrayed.

-- DS

A lot of people are saying how they didn't like how Faramir's character was done in the movie, and that it makes it less believable that Éowyn would pick him over Aragorn. I don't agree with this that Faramir was that bad. The book made him kind of boring. I agree with what you wrote in your article, that he was perfect. In real life, I think someone like Éowyn would have seen right through that. He needed to have more of a chip on his shoulder and have more problems to struggle with like her. Am I making sense? I just think that in the book it's sort of a sappy and romantic idea that Faramir would be so perfect and patient. He's right there to catch her, which is kind of old fashioned. In the movie, I think they'll be more equal, and if you look at how Arwen and Aragorn are done in the movie, they're really comfortable with each other and they're already together. The movie won't make that the same way for Faramir and Éowyn. Faramir's going to have a hard time winning her over, I bet. He did in the book, and he'll have it worse in the movie.

Sorry about that rambling, but I'm an Éowyn fan by way of Faramir (there's a lot of us). I thought he was so beautiful in the book, and was really surprised by how he acted in the movie. Then I thought that it was okay because it was a movie, and I know that movie characters have big turnarounds. So I'll be happy to see how we're rewarded for Faramir's mean attitude in 'The Two Towers' when he meets Éowyn and she can open his eyes.

-- Kim S.

I read 'The Lord of the Rings' when I was a kid and forgot about most of it by the time the movies came out. One thing I didn't forget was Éowyn and her gender-bending. She's so admirable. She did what she had to to defend her people when the boys wouldn't let her. I've been re-reading some since the movies, but I'm being careful because I like how the movies have reminded me of things I forgot, like Faramir. I know, I know, how could anyone forget all that? But I was just a kid twenty years ago when I read the books. You don't remember that stuff when you're a kid.


Eowyn has always been among my favorite character. Her courage is something I wish I had, but it belongs to a shieldmaiden of Rohan. She fears not the common calamities of pain, death or torment, but she is being tormented by her own fears--to be locked up, of no use to anyone, to serve no one, to save no one and to be no one but a useless maiden. Eowyn is so much more though. She has the spirit of a warrior and she can save hero’s lives if only she is let the chance.

-- Rachel

More to come soon! And email me your story if you want it added.