A snowflake falls tickling my cheek,
The fresh smell of winter is what I seek.
The squirrel running around searching for a treat,
The lacy patterns of frost you just cannot beat.
The melodies of the birds high in the tree,
This is what winter means to me.


Hello And Welcome To Winter At Marilyn's Place!

Winter At Marilyn's Place features photographs of indoor plants, snow scenes, and winter meditations with java applet effects.
I update and add pages daily, so please come back.



If You Come Across An Angel (With Java Applet Effect)

African Violets At Marilyn's Place

Terrariums For My Miniature African Violets

Winter Scenes At Marilyn's Place

A Wintery Tale

Wild Maine Blueberries

Sights Of Winter (With Snow-Falling Applet)

A Victorian Carousel (With Applet Effect)

My Awards


Winter Can Be A Time For Meditation

From The Window (With Applet Effect)


Unfolding Of A Rose (With Applet Effect)

Friendship (With Applet Effect)

Moments Of Leisure (With Applet Effect)

The Child Within Us (With Applet Effect)

All Things Pass (With Applet Effect)

If You Come Across An Angel (With Scrolling Applet Effect)

A Winter Sunrise (With Revolving Applet Effect)

Musings At The Hearth (A Series Of Pages With Applet Effects)

Poems and Musings For Winter

Muffled Winter Whine (Java Applet Effect)

Snowman (Java Applet Effect)

Roses, Roses (Java Applet Effect)

Butterflies, Butterflies (Java Applet Effect)

Hostas, Hostas (Java Applet Effect)

Easter Parade (Unusual Applet Effect)


Winter Can Be A Time For Reading

Update: The Writers' Corner is a website that features original recollections, poems, short stories, and musings. These writings appear on specially designed webpages. Click the thumbnail and visit our pages featuring a winter theme.

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After viewing my pages, perhaps you would like to visit my spring and summer garden.
There you will find roses, daylilies, and hostas.
It's a place where the grass is green and the air is filled with
hummingbirds and honeybees.

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