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wolfman - 02/05/00 14:31:11
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Love the nature thing very well done keep up the good work. wolfman

Edith Mehre - 02/05/00 02:04:49
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Marilyn...you have outdid yourself...how beautiful. Thank you for sharing with me... I am now out of wheelchair after five months and walking with a cane...very slowly and carefully!!! Edie

Ann - 02/04/00 04:05:10
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Beautiful! thanks for sending!!

Rose - 02/03/00 04:25:06
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Hello Marilyn. I got your email to FFM & came to take a look. I think your effects are marvelous & the Valentine page is so touching. That poem is always so touching. Keep up the good work.

Carol P. (FF&M) - 02/03/00 04:09:53
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You have a very nice place here, Marilyn. Thank you for allowing me to visit. Carol P.

Belinda - 02/03/00 03:04:06
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Marilyn, What a pretty page! And so creative-you certainly had a good idea with Von's cards...thanks!

Connie P. - 02/03/00 02:20:10
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Hi Marilyn! The Valentine's page is awesome!! Just zipping through to take a peek and wanted you to know that I enjoyed it much :) See you back at the garden...

Gangotri - 02/03/00 00:35:24

Aren't you the clever one with your aplets. I love your pictures, Marilyn. Wherever did you find them?

Anita - 02/03/00 00:20:00
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I came to visit your Valentine Carousel! Very impressive! I'll send the link on and post it on my link share message board.

Lady Carol - 02/02/00 23:42:17
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I loved your Valentine Page!

Anne Casiere - 02/02/00 23:36:17
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Hi there! love the music..the pics...thank you! Anne C

Eileen - 02/02/00 21:52:46
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Beautiful,Marilyn! Just beautiful! As well as your site..love your writing! The carousel is great..don't know how to send it. Great site!

Terry - 02/02/00 21:38:36
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Your Valentine page is beautiful!

Fran E. Valenta - 02/02/00 21:29:46
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Marilyn Thanks for creating such a wonderful Valentine page. I am not as involved with the ladies as I would like to be. Visit my page, on the table click the link named "Fairness in the Age of Columbine" by: FranValenta

- 02/02/00 21:24:23


courtney waters - 02/02/00 21:08:48

I got this message from my friend lisa robey.wow,

Gina FFM - 02/02/00 21:00:16
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Your pages are so elegant and beautiful!! I enjoyed being here very much!!midnightgardencc2

beatrice - 02/02/00 20:37:06
My Email:hdaro@vegasnet.net

I loved your violets as I too grow them with love. Thank you for the lovely Web

Bruce Munro - 02/02/00 20:36:47


lily - 02/02/00 20:19:33
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Marilyn, its' just GORGEOUS! Love the music & that is one of my very favorite poems! Thanks for the invite! Hugs, lily

Lily's Card

Bev Zuerlein - 02/02/00 19:44:46
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Hello, DELIGHTUFL Valentine's page! Very unique and pretty. Thanks for sharing with FFM. Bev

Gerry Unanoff - 02/02/00 02:19:02
My Email:Gerry4567@aol.com

Beautiful page. Loved it. The perfect Valentine. You are one very talented girl.

Jeanna - 02/01/00 23:43:20
My Email:catchmyi@aol.com

it was great!!!! keep up the good work....

Mike & Virginia Zullo - 02/01/00 22:56:43
My Email:hezull@aol.com

It's always an rewarding experience to visit your sites. "A Valentine Carousel by Marilyn," is a truely lovely expression of LOVE. Thanks for sharing it with us.

LEN - 02/01/00 22:29:25

Marilyn-- How did u do that? Slowly and carefully, I think. Thank you!

- 02/01/00 19:18:25
My Email:Selinfla@aol.com

Lovely, just lovely!!

Irene - 02/01/00 18:24:31
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Lovely work! unfortunately for me, the applet is not opening...maybe if I view from another browser. Love your pages...still laughing over Maine Blueberries!! Ain't it the way?? I always feel I've been personally contacted by Mother Nature when such t ings happen...*chuckling for the rest of the day*

Tom - 02/01/00 17:53:05
My Email:Wandoking

Outstanding site to visit. If this world was filled with the love that Mrs. Browning describes--wouldn't this be a magnificent place to live with out the intimdation of violence and heart break. Nothing but love and respect for every living creature.

paul - 02/01/00 17:33:10
My Email:paul2765@aol.com

very nice

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