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Susie - 03/20/00 18:10:21
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Your site is beautiful! Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of wandering around your pages. Susie's Thoughts And Rhymes

Pat & Moe - 03/20/00 14:41:20
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Hi! We enjoyed the visit. You have a good looking Page. Keep up the good work. Have a great day! Come visit us at Pat & Moe's Place. It was designed to allow our family in SC to stay in touch with my sister, her six children and their families in New Engl nd.

Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Franklin P. Jones

dmessmer - 03/10/00 03:27:51
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Anne - 03/04/00 10:43:53
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Hi Marilyn! You really have nice pics of winter. You know at this time here in Finland (Scandinavia) it's snowing very heavily. Also other pics are wonderful. Please come sometimes...to visit me Regards from Anne

marvin w henry - 03/03/00 16:59:58
My Email:hmedicinebear@aol.com

very very nice, would like to visit again

christine - 03/02/00 12:55:50
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Shell - 03/01/00 16:52:20
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Beautiful site! I sent your link to some friends who I know will also love it here! If you have time, please visit the site of Inner Dreams and consider joining. We would love to have you! Take care ~Shell~ (http://innerdreams.org)

Karen - 03/01/00 01:12:33

Great Homepage...

Carrie. - 02/29/00 14:09:59
My Email:Ctaylor@aol.com

Lovely pictures and music. Thank you.

Markus - 02/25/00 12:06:58
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Hello Marilyn, you Webside is very nice. Gratulations ... Jerry from Germany

The goatherder - 02/25/00 03:16:10
My Email:tomthegoatherder

The site is swell but the lady who does it is a twentyfour carat "wowie"

Margaret - 02/24/00 11:52:41
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My Email:matemple@erinet.com

Your pages are lovely. Love the snow and wish I had your green thumb. I have an african violet that hasn't bloomed all winter. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

Maragret's Page

Vibeke Oreskov - 02/22/00 08:44:25
My URL:http://home13.inet.tele.dk/oreskov/

Beautifulllll web design. Wishing you a wonderful day. Comming soon again. Hugs from Danmark Vibeke.

JADE S CAINNES - 02/21/00 21:43:40
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HI,,,THANKS for stoping by and signing my book.You have a GREAT page here. Liked the pic and Quotes,,,, Keep up the good work..God Bless

Gwenola - 02/20/00 02:02:14
My Email:Gwenola@aol.com

I could only read the scriptures, but they were so inspirational. I must send this site on to others. Thanks.

Marilyn - 02/19/00 21:56:02
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My Email:marilynander@cs.com

Mailyn, your website is phenominal! I love the photography, music and poems. You have done a wonderful job and I've bookmarked for future visits. Thanks for inviting me here. Love and hugs, Marilyn FFM Sister

Bev Zuerlein - 02/19/00 20:53:57
My URL:http://beverly-zuerlein.tripod.com/
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THANKS for allowing me the pleasure of visiting your site...so much beauty in word and visual effects...a real treat. THANKS

Bud - 02/19/00 19:31:06
My Email:LCanter605@aol.com

Hi Mari, This is wonderful. I know this is hard work but I feel it's a labor of love. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.

Becky Holcomb - 02/17/00 16:41:32
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Wonderful!! leter is in your regular Email Becky

mona stern - 02/16/00 19:22:24
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Loved seeing everyone I chat with

Thomas Horne - 02/16/00 18:43:18
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A wonderful website...we really enjoyed our visit...Come to our Affiliates center...H&H Tutorials

H&H Tutorials

Enchante` - 02/15/00 18:54:48
My Email:bonbon@mvp.net

Great site! Thanks for sharing and YES use whatever you want in the MIDI line except for a few that are specified not to use, which arent on the Band Organ page. Good luck!

Joseph Provencial - 02/12/00 02:14:35
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Fantastic website! I really enjoyed my visit :o) God Bless and take care

Caitlin Jay - 02/06/00 15:21:32
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My Email:caitlinj@worldnet.att.net

I like to recipricate a visit with a visit:) I loved your Valentine Carousel! That must have been quite a job to make!

- 02/06/00 13:33:31


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