The MENAD RAILROAD SYSTEMS is an N Scale Railroad based loosely on Queensland style, but using a mix of rolling stock from all over the world.

This is a layout built to be portable. The present layout is 1800 mm by 900 mm and has detachable legs allowing it to be moved around. This is the fourth layout I have built for myself, three of them portable and one permanent in a room 4.2 m by 3.3 m. The permanent layout occupied the whole room and unfortunately, it had to be halted early into the building stage. I got married and needed the room. All the materials used were salvaged and put to good use in the present layout.

The layout was featured at the Bowen Expo held in July 1997, where some three thousand people visited. The layout in it's 1800 x 1200 format was joined by three other layouts, being the Republic of Santa Margurita State Railroad, and the Timbertown Railway. The other layout was the Sard Empire Railway. To show another aspect of the model railroads, we ran an LGB train through the layouts.

The layout was again presented at the 1998 and 1999 Bowen Orchid Art & Craft Expos. We utilised another layout - The Santa Marguarita Model Railroad and several modules based on N-Trak principles to create a continuous layout some 32 feet long. This allowed us a scale mile of track in a single loop. We also managed to have 2 Bachmann GP40 diesels pull 132 axles for several laps.These I feel are probably some of my best locos in power and reliability, although I have  trouble with only a couple locos.  

MENAD Railroad Systems continues to change with plans now being formulated to build a large wall & island type layout in a double garage approximately 5m  x 5m (15ft)x(15ft).


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