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It's The Official Unofficial Nick Gates home page!
Demented Adventures in Comedy
The British Fort Boyard Chronicle
Trivia Blitz: The Interactive Gameshow! For real cash prizes!

Next case please?

The Trials (Reviews)

Demented Adventures In Comedy

Room 101 (Pet hates)

The Fort Boyard Game Directory!

The British Fort Boyard Chronicle!

Where has Jacques Antoine been spotted this week?

Shocking Evidence! (Tape List)

The Courtroom Guestbook

The Gameshow Gameshow! (Quiz)

Go on a Treasure Hunt! (Web game)

And Other Links...

Labyrinth Games

The UK Game Show Page

Go mental at The Mind Sports Olympiad Page. Obviously.

Nicholas Lam's Superb Knightmare page!

Andy's Fort Boyard Page

Tomek's Fort Boyard Page

Play games at Uproar

Bubblegun: because it's quite good.

Because I can, it's the official Lee and Herring page!

Nick's Gameshow Courtroom!


People may have noticed that this page hasn't been updated very much of late. All I can do is apologize for that, so much so that the Game show Courtroom is closing down.

But its spirit will live on in a new personal page coming soon. It will be game show based, have the information you've come to know and enjoy reasonably and, get this, have pictures! Coo, eh!

And any fans of the Bangin' Entertainment Nightly News will be pleased to hear that it's coming back soon(ish), and looks a bit more like MFI Tuesday. But it will be called something else and be fronted by Mr BENN.

I can still be reached on my normal address but there will be no updates until the new site is up and running. (It won't be on Geocities so there will be no annoying banners. Hurrah!

I have been Nick Gates. This has been The Game show Courtroom... Good night.

But what can I promise people who visit? Well there's REAL CASH if you take part in the Trivia Blitz (this one's based on Entertainment), there's a new place for anything I feel like writing - Demented Adventures in Comedy.

But this is where it's at - The Gameshow Courtroom where I am both judge and jury. And am I a harsh judge? Well, I gave Turner Around the World a low mark.

For fans of the excellent Fort Boyard there's my own just-about-almost-complete-but-not-quite game guide which deals with every single test, adventure and Time Hunter game they've ever used. Or at least it will when it's finished.

If you like this gameshows and you like this page then why not go to Labyrinth Games at We develop our own shows there (producers take note). Or even the Labyrinth Games sponsored
UK Game Show Page which I help write for. It even inculdes a complete A-Z of every game show ever broadcasted on television in Britain. Go to it!


Are you a TV producer or contestant researcher needing some contestants for a new show? Do you have a new show you want to shout from the rooftops? Well I'm afraid you can't. But you can do the next best thing - E-mail me with the details and I'll put them up here. Alright?

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