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Midi files are a poor substitute for sitting in a room with a group of people, large or small, singing with love and gusto. But these tunes are enjoyable to listen to as instrumentals as well as when sung, and if you have been wondering what something sounds like, I hope you will find my collection useful.
Instrumentation is usually as follows: Treble=Flute; Alto=Cello; Tenor=Synthetic Orchestra or Clarinet; Bass=Contrabass, often doubled by French Horn
The Sacred Harp, 1991

B.F. White Sacred Harp, 1992 (Cooper Book)

The Southern Harmony, 1854

The Harmonia Sacra, 25th edition

The Christian Harmony, 1873

The Easy Instructor, 1818

Wyeth's Repository, Part 2nd, 1820

The Christian Harmony (Ingalls,) 1805