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 CLERICS Skills  |  Prayers
Clerics are the mortal representatives of Caspia's deities. These devout people carry a symbol of their deity of choice with them at all times. In general the nature of an individual cleric can be determined by his or her deity.

However certain things can be said for all clerics. A cleric's devotion to matters of faith leave little time to study the arts of warfare, magic, or deception. As a cleric progresses he or she will learn new prayer by the grace of their deity. Some of these prayers will heal, while others will cause harm. However, the true calling of a cleric is to aid followers of their deity in time of trouble and battle. To this end many of a cleric's prayers are designed to aid other adventurers.

A novice cleric begins his adventuring career as a worshipper of Odhrean. After reaching level 10, a cleric is allowed to change to a different deity. Once the cleric switches to a different deity though, no further deity changing will be allowed.

Races with high charisma and wisdom make the best clerics.
 Council: Galaga (Primary), Adanyel, Ana
 FIGHTERS Skills  |  Abilities
Fighters are perhaps the most diverse of the adventuring classes. We are not limited to a choice of a few weapons or armour like some other classes. Nor are we bound to measly spells. We earn our take in the world through our weapon skills and the great deeds we do with them.

The roles that fighters take in their careers are many. We are required to follow no strict ethical codes, except the ones we impose upon ourself. Fighters may serve a city or lord, or only themselves. Our fates are our own to choose, and anything that stands in our way can be struck down with the quick swipe of a sword or axe.

No matter how different fighters are they all have a few things in common. Fighters generally have higher than average strength and constitution. Many fighters also find a decent dexterity to be of practical use. They spend most of their waking hours in training and study of the various warrior arts. These arts include: weapons, self-defense, and tactical strategy.
 Council: Morrigu (Primary), Wingthor, Yetron
 MAGES Skills  |  Spells
In all the lands of Caspia and the broad ocean there is no single force greater than the force of magic. No force has as many faces nor uses as does magic, it winds through our lives touching us all in some way, but no person is touched more by magic than the mage.

The mage is a person, male or female of any race, who devotes his or her life to the pursuit of perfection of magical skills. In their pursuits they shun the Gods of the realm and shun the way of weapons and armor, preferring the feel of spell components in their hands to the hilt of a sword or holy symbol. Some consider mages no more than robed bookworms, I can dispute such claims easily, for in my travels across this land I have seen mages in all roles. I have seen mages destroy
enemy hordes with a spectacular ball of magical fire, I have seen mages in the role of jesters and tricksters, I have seen gentle mages tutoring the young and healing the sick, I've seen mages plot and connive towards mysterious ends, and yes I've also seen a few mages who wouldn't tear
their nose from a book if their tower was crumbling around their ears. However all these pursuits are different paths to one goal, to master the mysterious force of magic.

Races with high intelligence and wisdom make the best mages.
 Council: Fennel (Primary), Mordock, Neeshia
 MONKS Skills  |  Abilities
Monks are masters of the arts of combat without weapons. They learn to focus their bodies to deliver controlled attacks without needing an extra tool as a fighter would. Their abilities to fight unarmed are quite varied, not just limited to a punch in the face or a kick in the gut. This highly specialized combat form is learned through very careful self-discipline. Such discipline
also allows a monk to have much finer control over his body, his muscles and senses. A monk is also the master of enhancing himself through concentration to heighten his combat ability.

The inner strength which feeds these self-enhancing abilities is sometimes mistaken for magic. This is, however, not the case. It is simply the result of the monk's personal strength applied to his body or mind.

A monk who has achieved a balance between the mental and physical stats will be the most centered and grounded in his discipline.
Council: Mop (Primary), Fall, Ido
 ROGUES Skills  |  Abilities
The rogues are a class made up of a variety of adventurers, however all of them seek some kind of advantage (usually monetary) through their skills of deception. Rogues spend a majority of their time honing these skills to better ply their trade. Because of this training they have no time for magic in any of its forms. However most rogues do have at least a passing familiarity with combat
involving the use of knives.

The spectrum of rogues is amazing. There are rogues who ply their trade against the evil denizens of the land to aid the poor and oppressed. Other rogues turn their skills to the darker purpose
of assassinations and murder. However, by far the most common type of rogue is the one who uses his or her skills to fill a pouch with gold and other precious items.

Races with high dexterity and charisma tend to make the best rogues.
 Council: Cheyne (Primary), Dodger, Koplin