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"John, you will have to wear a mask and work hard. The mask is so that you will not be put off by the smell of the one you are helping, and so be able to hold them close to your heart." .... Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity

"As common in large Metropolis and Cities, the unity of family bonding breaks down, many children are thrown in the streets. The problem is acute in Bangalore as like any other metropolitan cities. The sense of community, present in little villages, is completely lost in big cities, where everybody just looks for his own problems. Children without families cannot find an alternative for themselves and easily fall prey to unscrupulous people. The Government has Laws that nobody fulfills. Bangalore is also known for a high rate of suicide because of desperation of young people. The lack of control of these social problems in India is well known, like a kind of 'social epidemic disease'."
John Kennedy Samson, Founder, Morning Star

The 'Home' called Morning Star is a perpetual 'Learning Center' for the children, and has no official benefactors, they manage from meal to meal.A good many of the children are mentally and physically challenged, and those who are well enough to travel and are capable of studying are sent to locals schools for their education. Some of the children have shown an immense amount of talent in the form of dance, music and art. The "stone wall" used as the navigation bar was painted by the children. The children need most is your love and we encourage you to visit them at Morning Star.

Francis was found in a dustbin, hunger drove him to eating his own flesh, Joseph was abandoned near the railway tracks , he was 5 years old and weighed 3 Kgs, Babu suffering from hemophilia was found in a stone quarry .. and the stories go on and on. It was these stories that motivated John Kennedy Samson to start an orphanage eighteen years ago with fifteen rupees in his pocket. He started out by rescuing children who had been abandoned in dustbins and gave them food and shelter. With the help from a few volunteers, a lot of hard work and plenty of answered 'prayers' the orphanage has grown in terms of infrastructure and at present is equipped to look after 60 children.

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