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    The Didier Charitable Trust (Regd.)
A light in the lives of the forgotten
        A Day in the Life of a Morning Star Child ....
A child's daily routine, covering school days, holidays, weekends, both for the normal as well as the challenged child. A few of the Morning Star children with John and some of  'daddy's little helpers'.
The story about how the children spend a typical day is being written. When I visited Morning Star on 11 Sept 05, I had a glimpse of the kids returning from the rooms new the entrance where a few young engineers, boys and girls spend their Sundays teaching the kids different things, sometimes english, languages, maths, computers what ever they can get across. These three photos show the next generation of brains in the IT Industry!! Kids returning after morning session of learning. These 2 girls have been staying at Morning Star seasonally for a few years, to help the boys appreciate 'sisters'. Some more kids emerging from the 'classrooms'. John with some of the kids - a quiter moment. John with Murali and Kannan . Children washing up for lunch . Having a good lunch .
NEW A Visit to Morning Star on 30th October 2005 and REX the Children's new companion.
The Morning Star GALLERY, 13 November 2005. >>> Visitors to Morning Star from overseas, on 5th January 2006.
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Photographs on this Site: Courtesy Mark & Jude Lazaro, Lyn Fernandez and Ronnie Johnson
Road map Please Click on this << Ikon for the Road Map to Morning Star . The Map is not drawn to scale, but gives an approximate direction with landmarks that you would see enroute. Take care of speed breakers that have been placed on the road to prevent trucks from over speeding.

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