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    The Didier Charitable Trust (Regd.)
A light in the lives of the forgotten
            Meet some of the Challenged Children of Morning Star ....

Murali was found on a train with his chest apparently operated on and stitched up. He does not recall what his background is and only relates to the incident as 'train'. Apparently it seems that no internal organs have been removed from him.
Babu was found working in a stone quarry. He suffers from Hemophilia and was severely burnt in a accident. Although disfigured, Babu does not hide the joy in meeting people and accepts his appearance as normal and not something to be ashamed of.

Rajesh was found in a dustbin in the heart of the city. He cannot do much for himself and need the care from others for his simplest movements.
face Arul was found in a dustbin in the heart of the city, and referred to Morning Star by the late Bro. Jayesu of the MC Congregation arul
Micheal was found in the cemetery in Ulsoor in 1994. He was not able to walk, but has now shown tremendous change and takes care by minding over other challenged children.
face Francis was famished to the extent that he was eating his own flesh near a dustbin. Today, he is much more healthy and to some extent  able to understand words of speech. face
Manju was in a rag picker gang, but was really too young to keep up with them. He was brought off the street and is with Morning Star since 8 years.
Sudhakar, is from a lower income group family. His mother is too old to look after him and needed to have someone look after him.
Anthony, is from a quarry worker family with low income, hence he is being looked after by Morning Star.
face Kanna was taken off the railway platform asking for alms, he was then covered with skin disease, which has totally disappeared. He is known as the 'Receptionist' of Morning Star because he is the first to meet any visitor. Kanna is also fond of taking things apart!. face
Krishna was unable to talk , eat food, and walk when he first came to Morning Star about 6 years ago, now he has improved and eats slowly under supervision and walks with help.
face Dan was referred to Morning Star by late Bro. Jayesu of the MC Congregation about 5 years back. He is an excellent singer,
Raja has been with Morning Star for 6 years from the Railway Station. He was unable to talk and walk when he first came, but now can walk with a helper. face
Joseph was found near a railway track when he was eight years old. Deprived of food and nutrition, he weighed a meager 4 kilograms. He is now 13 years old, but is stunted and looks like a 3 year old child weighing only 13 kgs!. There are remarkable changes in his countenance since the time he has entered Morning Star.
Munidass, Raja and Kiran buddies at the Morning Star, they look after each other and nobody is left out. Like any family, there is a bonding between the children, and they all make an effort to make sure that the bonding is real, for most of them came  here without any families or any hope in life, now they have found a family at Morning Star, they cling on that that hope.
Yesu Babu, was referred by the Humanitarian Home. He is unable to do anything for himself, and has to be supervised at all times. If you observe the different frames of  his photos, you will see that inwards, he is trying to communicate, but his body just refuses to obey making him dysfunctionally acute, and dependant on others for his existance. Click here for Yesu's photos

Manjunath, was a bonded child labourer, was brought to Morning Star  by John, was given a formal school education, now he is doing his Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Phama)

Shanker, is an orphan, come out of bonded child labour. He is a fantastic artist, and is capable of improving himself if supported in his Art Talents.

Ananth Kumar, was working in a hotel as a child worker, now after being given a good school education is doing his Bachelor of Business Management (BBM).

Jayraj, was a child labourer in Kollegal, now he has finished is 10th Std and has opted for Religious Life.

Naveen Prasad, finished his ITI (Industrial Training Institute) in Electrical and got good employment, but has opted to do his own electrical contractor business.

Manja, finished his Pre University (PUC) and has become a licenced driver in a courier concern.

Guru, had finished his 10th Std, worked in many places, and has with the help of Morning Star purchased an autoriksha, which he runs. He is well settled with his own house.

Dorai, was a rag-picker by profession, came to Morning Star about 11 years ago, has finished his PUC, now he wants to be independant.

Photographs on this Site: Courtesy Mark & Jude Lazaro, Lyn Fernandez and Ronnie Johnson
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Photographs on this Site: Courtesy Mark & Jude Lazaro, Lyn Fernandez and Ronnie Johnson
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