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On-Line Interactive Patient Simulators

Interactive Patients - Simulated Patient Emergencies

Free on-line patient simulators for physicians, PA's, nurses and others. Simulated adult and pediatric  patient emergencies, trauma simulations, surgical simulations, neurologic simulators and various other patient scenarios.

These Interactive World Wide Web Programs allow the user to simulate an actual patient encounter.


Page Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 September 2004

Trauma Patient Simulators - Adult (ATLS)

Cervical Spine Clearance - Suddenly and inexplicably transferred to the spinal service, you have to assess and evaluate 6 patients with potential cervical spine injuries.

Head On - 32yr Male front seat restrained, passenger, high speed head on collision.

Initial Assessment - You're an ER doctor and must assess and adequately treat an injured patient. You have an assistant to help you, but they can be of variable help, as in real life.

Lady and the Truck - 78yr Female pedestrian, rolled over by truck, slow speed, wheels over chest/abdomen.

Neurotrauma Moulage - This moulage demonstrates the principles behind the care of the head injured patient. Using a mathematical model to approximate brain neurophysiology it is able to simulate a wide range of conditions that affect brain injury management, both in the emergency room and on intensive care.

Neurotrauma Physiology Simulator - Run the neurotrauma physiology simulator to examine cerebral responses to physiological derangements.

No Diving Allowed - Suspected spinal injury

Not a Bungee Jump - 29yr Male fell 4 floors off building site.

Pedestrian vs Van - Estimated speed 50km/h up into windscreen, landed on roadway.

Pre-Hospital Care - Having finished with the last patient, you head up to the helipad to escape from the ER for a while. Things never go as planned however and 5 minutes later you're on a motorway 15 miles away. This is a prehospital scenario, but the principles of trauma management still hold, perhaps more so. You have an experienced paramedic to help you and all the kit you might need.

Speed Kills - Multiple victims in a car accident

Sudden Death Trauma Scenarios - Rapid decision making in critically injured patients. The basic principle is that in a moribund or dying patient, the Trauma Team Leader must make on the spot decisions. The correct decision may save the patient's life. An incorrect decision may result in the patient's death or add to their morbidity.  (Trauma Department at Liverpool Hospital)

The Cases:

10yr Penetrating Leg Injury
18yr Motor Cross Rider: Rope Injury to Neck
21yr Driver: Mini-Minor into Metal Fence
28yr Abdominal Stabbing
34yr Army Private: Gunshot Wound to Abdomen
38yr Gunshot Wound to Abdomen
40yr male Pedestrian Hit by a Truck
45yr Construction Worker: Crush Injury
45yr Metal Worker: Angle Grinder Injury to Right Groin

The Trauma Zone - The Orthopedic surgeon who was on call when your patient, a 42yr male, was admitted to the hospital following a motor vehicle accident tells you that the only injury that required operative management was an open left tibia/fibula fracture which he repaired without complication. You agree to assist in the patient's care while the Orthopedic surgeon goes out of town to attend a conference.  (*Under Construction)

Trauma - Vicious butcher knife stabbing. You're the ER physician on call and it is critical that you help the arriving patient.

Trauma Management Simulation - DOS program in which the patient is an accident victim.

Trauma One - Where do you practice multiple-trauma management? This ruthless, demanding simulator will teach you a rock-solid approach to trauma stabilization and workup. It comes with a complete trauma-management manual, both on-line and printed. (3.6 MB)

Trauma Patient Presentations

Trauma Team Leader Decision Scenarios - Multiple short scenarios where you, as team leader, have to tread the path of the enlightened trauma doc.

Uncomfort Zone: Crash Scene - 68yr Male, On warfarin, entrapped, suspected fractured pelvis. 65yr Female, Alzheimers dementia, facial laceration. 10yr Female, suspected vertebral fracture, ?abdominal visceral injury. 40yr Female, anxious, but uninjured.

Trauma Simulators - Pediatric

Pediatric Moulage - Transferred back to the ER after generating too much work for the hospital's lawyers on the spinal service, you have to manage a child injured in a motor vehicle accident. The child's parameters and response to your treatment will change with each run through  and you'll get a full appraisal of your performance at the end of the moulage.

Simulated Adult Medical Emergencies (ACLS, BLS)

Acute Care Simulator - 63yr female complaining of right-sided weakness and difficulty speaking beginning 45 minutes ago.

Acute Coronary Syndrome - Chest pain in a 63yr male

Acute Coronary Syndrome - Chest pain in a 67yr male

Acute Leg Swelling - 43yr male with a painful, swollen leg.

Acute Leg Swelling - 54yr woman with an traumatic, swollen leg

AlgoSim - Difficult Airway Algorithm Tutorial/Simulator.

ACLS Central Scenario 1 - You just received a 50yr male patient from triage, he weighs 100 kilograms. You placed him in your "code room" because of his vitals signs. His chief complaint is palpitations in his chest and feels weak and dizzy all over. His blood pressure is 70/36.

ACLS Central Scenario 2 - You're a RN working in the Intensive Care Unit. You've been caring for a 70yr male recovering from an acute Inferior Wall MI.

ACLS Central Scenario 3 - You're a RN working in the ER. The paramedic coordinator notifies you she just received a patch that the paramedics are en route with a GTO with chest pain.

ACLS Central Scenario 4 - You're a Paramedic with a 66yr male in full cardiac arrest.

ACLS Central Scenario 5 - You're a RN assigned to a Telemetry Unit. Mrs. Ewok was admitted with "fainting spells". So far her work-up has discovered nothing unusual. You're at her bedside taking her vitals when she states, "I have that funny feeling again in my chest!"

ACLS Megacode Simulator Case 1 - 67yr male who presents complaining of lightheadedness of two hours duration. His wife states that he lost consciousness for about 30 seconds.

ACLS Megacode Simulator Case 2 - 58yr male complaining of a feeling of tightness in the center of his chest beginning 2 hours ago waking him from sleep.

ACLS Multiple Choice Exam - 50 question multiple exam created from an American Heart Association test pool of questions.

ACLS Simulator - Practice your algorithm knowledge.

ACLS Simulator 2002 - Real-time simulator that provides the ability for all physicians and nurses to practice the management of cardiac arrest.

Adult CPR Simulator - All procedures in this simulator follow the CPR guidelines of the American Heart Association.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Mega-code Simulator. A review for health care providers certified in ACLS.

AED Challenge - Training simulator for emergency responders and trained laypersons. Simulates cardiac arrest scenarios, allowing students to practice resuscitation and defibrillation skills step by step.

Automated Defibrillation (AED) Simulator

Automated Defibrillation Simulator - All procedures in this simulator follow the CPR guidelines of the AHA.

Bioterrorism Simulator 2002 - Helps physicians, nurses and other health care providers improve their response to biological and chemical attack. Simulated patients are presented and you must make the diagnosis and administer the most appropriate treatment.

Bystander CPR Simulator - Simulator for the general public.

Cardiac Arrest! Lite Demo - Exciting live-action video not just pretty pictures. A real simulation. Tough clinical problems like hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, hypothermia, Kawasaki disease and more. Current to the latest ACLS guidelines. (5.3 MB)

Cardiovascular Nursing Simulations - 2 patient simulations that require the user to answer open-ended questions. The purpose of this method is to teach critical decision-making skills to nursing students and new nurses.

Channel Surfing Accident - Stroke (CVA)

Chest Pain - Elderly gentleman with chest pain and shortness of breath. You're the first year cardiology resident called to see a patient in the ER.

Chest Pain Simulator Demo - Practice the workup, diagnosis and treatment of chest pain patients with this "chest pain ER" trainer. Chest Pain Simulator teaches a rapid, safe and thorough approach to chest pain. It includes history and exam, testing, differential diagnosis and thrombolytic therapy. (4.1 MB)

Code Team! Demo - This ACLS training system includes CardioQuiz (basic knowledge for the written test), EKG Teaching (arrhythmia and pathology recognition) and ACLS Protocols (practice for the dreaded MEGACODE scenarios). Current to the latest ACLS guidelines. (4.1 MB)

Critical Care Simulator 2002 - Provides the opportunity for physicians and nurses to improve response to ICU and ER emergencies through computer simulation. The simulator reproduces the ICU on the screen of the computer and simulates responses of patients under your care. Many emergency situations will occur.

Critical Thinking in Critical Care - Critical Care Nurse Snapshots are designed to be interactive case scenarios for nurses involved in making informed decisions at the bedside. Each case study will involve the student in the critical thinking process as it relates to the assessment, diagnosis, management and follow-up of a clinically based problem.

CritiControl - Patient simulator for use in emergency medical and critical care education. The realism and clinical accuracy of the simulations allows medical students and healthcare professionals to deepen their understanding of human physiological response to a range of traumas, pathologies and interventions.

Don't Be Tachy - 32yr man with shortness of breath at rest, severe weakness times a half hour, no chest discomfort or other problems.

Emergency - The emergency physician asks you to see Mrs. M a 53yr school teacher, complaining of progressive abdominal pain and nausea for 3 days.

Emergency Child Birth - Steps to take in an emergency child birth situation and videos on child birth & fertilization.

EmergiMed CD Demo - Contains Cardiac Arrest! Lite, Code Team!, MicroEKG, Blood Gases, Chest Pain Simulator and Trauma One. (11.5 MB)

EMS Quizzes

EMS ALS Quiz 1 - Motorcycle Officer laying unconscious next to his banged up motorcycle. His helmet is off but a fellow Officer states it was removed by bystanders, he's still unresponsive.

EMS ALS Quiz 2 - 48yr female barely conscious, sitting upright in a generic Lazyboy recliner, she's pale and diaphoretic with a weak radial pulse, her respiratory rate is 16 and unlabored.

EMS BLS Quiz 3 - 20yr girl laying on the floor, she appears postictal. She was watching TV and just suddenly started seizing. It lasted about 10 minutes.

EMT Quiz 1

EMT Quiz 2

ERsim: The Online Interactive Medical Simulation Game - Online game where you're the doctor. Test your skills on 15 free cases (Car Accident, Alcohol Abuse, Burglar, Snowboard Accident, Construction Accident, Tough to Breath, Shot by Police, Infant Fever, Infant Breathing Problem).

Finding-the-Path - 50 ED patient presentations with an interactive format to select the appropriate diagnostic workup for the patient. Brigham and Women's Hospital

Got Milk? - 65yr female with PSVT. An alarm sounds and the tech tells you your patient's A-line has gone flat but her EKG looks good with a normal sinus rhythm at 75.

Heartburn: Life in the ER - You're a local physician, dedicated to manning the trenches of an understaffed yet overcrowded ER of a community hospital.

Hemodynamics Simulator 2002 - Anesoft Hemodynamis Simulator will help physicians and nurses review invasive monitoring, cardiovascular physiology and vasoactive infusions. Follow the self-directed study lessons to optimize the blood pressure, cardiac output and filling pressures in a variety of clinical conditions using fluids and vasoactive infusions.

Home Emergency Simulator - MD Choice's Emergency Physician experts have put together the first in a series of interactive patient care simulators. If you haven't taken CPR, this is a great introduction to some life-saving techniques. Their first case: Would you know how to help a choking infant?

Inter-active Patient Home Page

Med Facts "CARDIO DOC" Play Doctor - Interactive discovery learning experience dedicated to creating a more informed patient/physician relationship through an online game that reverses the role and allows you to "Play Doctor" by playing the role of a rookie intern and walking you through various cardiology-related examinations.

Mega Code - You're the team leader directs all aspects of the code.  Utilize all of your ACLS skills, electrical, cpr, drugs and rhythm recognition.

Mega-Code Simulator - Review for health care providers certified in ACLS.

Outdoor Emergency Care - Instructor web page. We recognize that there are many talented individuals out there who have been developing their own teaching aids for the lessons they teach. This is the place for you to show your creativity and share what you have been using with your fellow instructors.

Paramedic Quiz 1

Paramedic Quiz 2

Pre-Hospital Care: EMS Simulator - On-Line program allows you to assess and treat a virtual patient. Digital audio and visual images will take you to a realistic scene. Once on-scene, you will need to decide how to assess, treat and transport the victim to the hospital.

Pre-Hospital Care Simulator - Ambulance simulator for EMS workers. The simulation is a basic EMS emergency care scenario.
EMS Scenario 24
EMS Scenario 25
EMS Scenario 26
EMS Scenario 27
EMS Scenario 28
EMS Scenario 29

ResusSim 98 - PC based simulator of Advanced Life Support (ALS) aimed at doctors, medical students, paramedics, nurses and other health care personnel. Real time ECG is shown on the screen along with pictures of the relevant resuscitation situation. 21 different patients presenting ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, supraventricular tachycardia, asystole, complete heart block and other cardiac emergencies due to a variety of causes including hypothermia, hypokalemia, renal failure, drug overdose and lightning strike. Each situation may develop differently from time to time, because of underlying advanced pathophysiological models with built-in random variation. Models react to 30 different drugs or treatments, fluid therapy, shock, transcutaneous pacing, intubation and chest compressions.

ResusSim Prehospital Advanced Prehospital Care PC Simulator - Aimed at ambulance and first responding personnel including paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency physicians, firemen and policemen. You have access to more than 160 different investigations and treatments including a wide range of drugs, different defibrillators, all common airway techniques, ventilation and chest compression. In the simulator, the user is confronted by a wide variety of realistic cases followed by a thorough evaluation of the treatment given along with suggestions for improvements.

Shortness Of Breath - You're called by the ER physician to assess a wheezing 25yr female.

Tennis Match Attack - Myocardial Infarction (MI)

The Lab Technician - He suddenly sits on the empty bed next to him, drops his equipment tray, then slumps back onto the bed making a gurgling sound.

The Interactive Patient - Marshall University School of Medicine is a Interactive World Wide Web Program that allows the user to simulate an actual patient encounter. This teaching tool for physicians, residents and medical students offers a case with a chief complaint to the user who then has to interact with the patient requesting additional history, performing a physical exam and reviewing laboratory data and x-rays.

VIPS: Virtual Internet Patient Simulation - Multi-platform software tool for automated continuing medical education (CME) operating on the Internet and in isolated environments. The user is challenged with an on-line clinical case. Just like in a real consultation, the physician's input consists of statements in natural language, simulated physical examinations and diagnostic or therapeutic decisions. The program interprets the user's vocabulary, responds to requests and evaluates user input within the context of the proposed hypotheses. VIPS simulates patient interactivity and retrieves expert opinions from validated knowledge bases.

Virtual Hospital Patient

Simulated Pediatric Emergencies (PALS)

3 week old with noisy breathing since birth

6 month old with sudden onset of a "terrible noise"

8 month old with noisy breathing since 2 months of age

15 month old with a barky cough

3yr found in neighbor's swimming pool.

3yr with high fever and increased restlessness

3yr who is lethargic.

3 1/2yr after an ingestion

10yr boy with shortness of breath

Child CPR Simulator

Infant CPR Simulator

Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support Megacode Simulator

Pediatric Advanced Life Support - Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Life Support Megacode Simulator

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Simulator: Case 1 - 24 month old female who is carried in by her mother. According to mom, the patient has a history of asthma and has had progressive shortness of breath for the last day. The child is blue, apneic and unresponsive.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Simulator: Case 2 - 32 month old male who was reportedly electrocuted while playing with an electrical cord.

Pretest for ALS - Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) Course

Pretest for BLS - Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) Course

Simulated Interactive Pediatric Patient

Adolescent with leg pain

Blue Baby - Diagnosing the cause of cyanosis in a newborn

Child with a fever

Child with a sore throat

Child with an abdominal mass

Child with chronic constipation and pica

Cindy has a cold

Cranky child

Eric is Sick

Newborn with vomiting

Tommy's Testing - Evaluate a 10yr boy for learning difficulties.

Anesthesia and Respiratory Simulators

Airway Evaluation Tutorial - Interactive website intended to familiarize students with the airway examination.

Airway Quiz

Anesthesia Simulator 2002 - For anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists to improve response to anesthetic emergencies through computer simulation. The simulator reproduces the anesthesia work environment on the screen of the computer and simulates responses of patients under your care. Many emergency situations will occur

Auscultation Assistant - Heart sounds, heart murmurs and breath sounds in order to help medical students and others improve their physical diagnosis skills.

Blood Gases Demo - Teaches some of the most difficult, yet most important material in medicine. Learn Aa gradient calculation and interpretation, bedside acid-base balance interpretation, bicarbonate dosage calculation and more. The program will even interpret blood gas values for you. (3.4MB)

Bullard laryngoscope Intubation - Interactive Airway Device Tutorials. University of Florida

Combitube Intubation - Interactive Airway Device Tutorials. University of Florida

Interactive Airway Device Tutorials - Animated airway tutorials on the Lighted stylet (Lightwand), Bullard laryngoscope, Upsher Scope and the Combitube. These tutorials are designed as practical quick how-to references for people who want to learn to use these devices.

Intubation and Ventilation: Clinical Scenarios - 13 scenarios describing a different pathological process, which will lead to patients developing either ventilation or oxygenation (gas exchange) failure.

Lighted Stylet Tutorial - Interactive Airway Device Tutorials. University of Florida

MacGill Respiratory Physiology demo - [Zip]

Mechanical Ventilation Strategies - An intubated patient is admitted to ICU. You must prescribe a ventilation strategy.

Opening the Airway Simulation

Regional ABC Guide of the Lower Extremity - If you want to brush up on the relevant anatomy, remind yourself of a particular block technique, wonder how you should test your blocks, curious about alternatives, then this website is for you. Regional ABC is a hands-on, Web-based regional anesthesia guide from Duke University Medical Center. It focuses on regional anesthesia of the lower extremity and is designed to be a step-wise process. It is applicable to all peripheral nerve blocks and is essentially the mental checklist that you complete each time a block is performed. The components will vary from block to block, patient to patient depending upon clinical circumstances. It is thus an aid to the novice clinician who has yet to gain more comprehensive experience.

Relax - Designed to teach concepts about the pharmacology and clinical management of neuromuscular blockade. It uses an interactive problem-based approach and moves the user through cases in an operating room environment. Users prescribe specific neuromuscular blocking agent depending on the selected patient and indicated surgical procedure, then observe the clinical consequences.

Sedation Simulator 2002 Demo - Helps radiologists, oral surgeons, endoscopists, surgeons and nurses review the management of sedation. Simulated patients are presented and you must manage the airway, ventilation, fluids and medications. Many emergency situations will occur.

Summetric Interactive Software - Series of modules dealing with mechanical ventilators and ventilator patient scenarios. The modules have been designed for use as both a competency evaluation and cross-training tool for all allied health care providers.

The R.A.L.E. Repository - Digital recordings of respiratory sounds in health and disease.

Transesophageal Esophageal Echocardiography Curriculum (TEECHER) - Interactive software package designed to introduce the basic fundamentals of ultrasound and to the cardiac structures seen in standard single-plane transverse TEE.

Upsher Laryngoscope Intubation - Interactive Airway Device Tutorials. University of Florida

Ventilation and Perfusion Matching In The Lung - Interactive exercise for the teaching of Pulmonary Physiology to medical and graduate students. It is an advanced exercise that assumes that the students have a basic knowledge of the principals of gas exchange, the alveolar gas equation and of the oxyhemoglobin saturation curve.

Virtual Anesthesia Machine: Simulations in Anesthesia - The original, interactive and most advanced computer simulation of an anesthesia machine with visualization of gas flows inside the machine. Based on the internal schematics of previous anesthesia machine models.

Virtual Fabius GS Simulation - Interactive computer simulation of the new Draeger Fabius GS anesthesia system and provides insight into its innovative design.

Virtual Stethoscope - Tutorial on the physical exam with emphasis on auscultation; a brief review of selected cardiac and pulmonary physiology/pathophysiology topics; a virtual stethoscope interface for auscultating normal and abnormal cardiac and respiratory sounds.

Cardiac Simulators

AED Simulation

Auscultation Assistant - Heart sounds, heart murmurs and breath sounds in order to help medical students and others improve their physical diagnosis skills.

Basic EKG Rhythms - Learn more about the basic EKG or also called ECG rhythms

Blaufuss Medical Multimedia - Interactive multimedia tutorials and tests are available for aortic and mitral valve disease and for supraventricular tachycardias (SVTs), using actual patient sounds, video and custom animations.

Cardiac Trivia Challenge - Free, fun & engaging trivia game. Or give the longer 5 level Cardiac Trivia Game a try.

Cardiology Lab - The focus of this lab is on heritable diseases of the heart. You are cast here as a virtual intern to accompany a doctor examining three different patients. Each patient is examined using more than one diagnostic tool, and at each stage, the doctor will invite you to examine the patient yourself and ask for your opinion.

CESLab - Electrophysiologic simulator that goes from the cell to the body surface and maps cardiac depolarization in three dimensions. It's is aimed at electrophysiologists, but will be of interest to serious students of general electrocardiography. The program is not validated but does go a long way to demystify the electrocardiogram.

Computer Simulation and Visualization in the Cardiovascular System

Computer Simulations of Physiology & Cardiology

ECG Simulator - SkillStat's Six Second ECG.

Electrical Therapy Quiz

Heart sounds - WAV files of various normal and abnormal sounds.

HeartLab: FamilyPractice.com - Extensive text and icons to illustrate examination technique, describing both chest locations and patient maneuvers that are usually best to identify particular physical findings. Users can select the listening location to hear (simulated) normal and abnormal heart sounds and murmurs.

LVAD Simulator - Enter key patient cardiac and circulatory parameters to determine case-by-case LVAD performance.

MacGill Cardiovascular Simulation - [Zip]

McGill Virtual Stethoscope Project - Listen to heart sounds, murmurs, breath sounds and visualize them with spectra and shockwave animations.

MI / Stroke Quiz

MicroEKG Demo - Learn 12 lead ECG interpretation. Starts with basics and goes on to teach criteria for chamber enlargement, conduction blockages, arrhythmias, infarct location and age and much more. (3.5 MB)

Practice of Medicine: The Cardiac Exam - Demonstrates the cardiac examination on a healthy subject in this 18-minute video, giving descriptions on how to listen with the stethoscope and how to observe the patient.

Pulmonary Arterial Catheterization Simulator - Sophisticated simulation system intended for teaching medical and paramedical staff all the skills required for the safe use of pulmonary artery catheters (PAC).

Simulation of Cardiovascular Mechanics - [Zip]

Test Your Rhythm Recognition Skills - Each page has three EKG strips. Your mission is to identify each one of them. Simply click on the answer you believe is correct. You will receive either instant gratification or try again.

Theory and Practice of Intra-aortic Balloon Counterpulsation - On-demand, accredited multimedia modules illustrating the theory and practice of intra-aortic counterpulsation therapy for advanced clinical education among interventional cardiologists and their staffs.

Virtual Cardiology - Prepared by 3rd year medical students and gives you first hand experience of cardiology cases. It is primarily intended for medical undergraduates during the early years of their training.

Surgery Simulators

ARTEMIS - Details of tele-presence systems which allow the surgeon to perform minimally invasive surgery remotely, via a multimedia interface.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Clinical Simulator - Put your quick decision making to the test for critical care problems.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Oral Boards on the Web - Test your clinical skills with the online mock oral examination.

Central Venous Canulation Simulator (VRML)

Computer Aided Surgery - Study original papers exploring all aspects of digital technology as applied to surgery. Register to gain full-text access to the library.

Computer Aided Surgery Online - Full text, searchable online edition of Computer Aided Surgery with preprints, forums and reference links to MEDLINE. ``

Endoscopy Learning Center - The Image Show Section is the easiest way of using this Endoscopy Learning Center. Just pick the organ or the disease You want to learn more about  and the just click forward or back to examine the images with their comments. The Quiz Section is a fascinating way of learning and recognizing images seen during endoscopic examinations.

Liver Biopsy Simulator (VRML)

Lumbar Puncture Simulator (VRML)

Mainprize's Surgical Tutorials - A case is outlined as it presents to the surgeon and you are then asked questions on the investigation and management of the patient as the case develops.

Pedicle Screw Insertion Simulator (VRML)

Surgery Online - Large site covering surgery on the internet. With advice about putting your own site onto the net and papers about surgery.

Tele-Manipulation for Minimally Invasive Surgery - Research project analyzing surgical techniques. You can look at pictures of project instruments.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Simulator (VRML)

Ventricular Catheterization Simulator (VRML)

Web-Based Surgical Simulators and Medical Education Tools - Provides a resource for online surgical training and medical education tools.

Miscellaneous Simulators

AIDA Diabetes Simulator - Program which allows interested patients with diabetes and their relatives, as well as health-care professionals and students to experiment with insulin dosage and dietary adjustments on their own computers.

Bacterial Identification Lab - The purpose of the lab is to familiarize you with the science and techniques used to identify different types of bacteria based on their DNA sequences. Not long ago, DNA sequencing was a time-consuming, tedious process. With readily available commercial equipment and kits, it is now routine. The techniques used in this lab are applicable in a wide variety of settings, including scientific research and forensic labs.

Bioterrorism Simulator 2002 - Demo

Brain Teasers - Sharpen your diagnostic and decision making skills which are so crucial to EMS training and practice.

Clinical Case Simulation in Gynecology - [Zip]

Clinical Case Simulation Inotropic Therapy - [Zip]

Clinical Problem Solving Cases - American College of Physicians. Interactive cases in various subspecialties of internal medicine. Review patient assessments, order tests, prescribe treatments, respond to outcomes and receive expert feedback on your decisions.

Clinical Simulation in Obstetrics - [Zip]

Diabetic Ketoacidosis Management - [Zip]

DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis Simulation - A DOS based program with many different cases to try and treat.

Enteral Feeding CME for Direct PEJ - The Direct PEJ DVD was designed to provide the physician with an engaging and effective educational experience.

Environmental Medicine: Case 1 - 8yr girl c/o stomach cramps and constipation. Mother states she's listless and irritable. She is potentially exposed to a variety of environmental toxins.

Environmental Medicine: Case 2 - 38yr maintenance man presents with non-specific symptoms of fatigue, headache and dizziness. He has potential exposures to several environmental toxicants.

Environmental Medicine: Case 3 - 28yr pregnant woman with a history of spontaneous abortion c/o fatigue, nausea, headaches, vaginal spotting and hand numbness. She is exposed to pesticides through several exposure pathways.

Environmental Medicine: Case 4 - 30yr woman with symptoms of shortness of breath, cough, fever and lethargy. She had been hospitalized for pneumonia one month earlier. She has potential exposures at home as well as in her workplace.

Frank: Biochemistry - Identify the diseases Frank manifests and its underlying pathology.

Immunology Lab - Components of the immune system called antibodies are found in the liquid portion of blood and help protect the body from harm. Antibodies can also be used outside the body in a laboratory-based assay to help diagnose disease caused by malfunctions of the immune system or by infections.

Interactive Body Guide - Visually interactive tool that enables viewers to navigate between the 12 systems of the male and female bodies.

Interactive Clinical Experience - Simulated patient scenarios are based on lifelike patient situations and are supported by clinical evidence. The patient presents with certain symptoms and the user acts as the treating physician, determining a differential diagnosis, selecting laboratory and diagnostic tests, evaluating the results of those tests, making a final diagnosis and determining the treatment plan.

Interactive Human Atlas - The world's largest library of 3D medical animations. The atlas features rotating models, labeled slides and printable text in addition to animated videos.

Life Like Models - Portal for medical models, simulators and virtual reality medical applications. Contains complete list of manufacturers and vendors selling manikins, surgical trainers and other simulators.

MacGill Drug Kinetics Simulation - [Zip]

MacGill Renal Physiology Simulation - [Zip]

Management of Hypercholesterolemia - 52yr female has a persistently elevated LDL cholesterol level despite a reduced saturated fat, high soluble fiber diet and the use of atorvastatin and colesevelam. How would you manage this case?

Neurological Case: The Upset Office Manager - 48yr woman with nausea and vomiting after being emotionally upset. After 3 hours of nausea and vomiting she had the sudden onset of numbness of her left arm which progressed to her left leg and the left side of her face.

Neurological Eye Simulator - This application simulates eye motion and demonstrates the effects of disabling one or more of the 12 eye muscles and one or more of the 6 cranial nerves that control eye motion.

Neurological Eye Simulator: New Virtual Patient - This latest eye simulator has greatly improved eye motion simulation, a new pupillary eye simulator (with virtual flashlight), animated demonstrations of neurological eye testing with voice narrative, expanded quizzes, and a case based interface for simulating virtual patients with eye pathologies.

Neurological Eye Simulator: Original - This is the original neurological eye simulator. It simulates interactive eye motion and allows various neurological pathologies to be simulated.

Neurophysiology Lab - Record electrical activities of individual neurons while you deliver mechanical stimulus to the attached skin. Inject fluorescent dyes into the neurons to visualize their morphology. Identify the neurons based on the morphology and the response to stimuli, comparing them to previously published results.

Painless: Pain Management Simulation - You're in charge of caring for a post-op cancer patient administering, adjusting and monitoring his medication.

Pharmacologic Therapy Quiz

Renal Problems and Fluid Balance - A number of clinical scenarios in which patients developed oliguria or renal failure.

Shock: Clinical Scenarios - Critical Care Medicine Tutorials

Simulation of Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron - [Zip]

Virtual Anatomy - 3D Anatomy Modules: Skull, Orbital Cavity, Meninges

Virtual Autopsy Suite - Illustrates some of the diagnostic problems faced by trainee pathologists. It is primarily intended for medical undergraduates during the early years of their training.

Virtual Body Systems - Over 140 health, physiology and anatomy related animations can be viewed through an animation player either alphabetically, by body system, or by medical specialty.

Virtual Colonoscopy, 3D

Water Rescue Simulation

Wound Identification Simulation

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