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Arthur Yates & Co.
Yates have a basic website which forms part of the larger Greengold site. It has up-to-date gardening information for the current season eg. what seeds, flowers and vegies to sow, what needs pruning, and a garden job file.

Australian Environment Online: Search Environmental Information
This site features a database of information on species and allows you to search on what species are in your region of Australia. You can search either by scientific name or common name.

Gardening with Bevan & Margaret
Bevan is a nurseryman and horticulturalist. This website contains information on bulbs, trees and shrubs, groundcovers, climbers, indoor plants and camellias which grow in the Launceston area of Tasmania. Links to a few other handy gardening resources can also be found here.

Bobs Horticultural Connections
Bob is based in the Wide Bay area in Queensland, and has put together a website with gardening hints and tips, plant pictures and descriptions, a question and answer forum and links.

Burke's Backyard
The official website of the popular Australian TV show, hosted by Don Burke. Visitors can get recent fact sheets, visit the shop of Burke's Backyard speciality products or subscribe to Burke's Backyard magazine.

David Cooke's Botanical Pages
David's website has information on his botanical hobby projects - Watsonia in Australian gardens, a draft checklist of species known to be in cultivation in Australia, and a report on "a flora treatment of Australian centrolepidaceae".

Flora of Australia
This website is a cumulative glossary for vascular plants - from "abaxial" to "zygomorphic"!

Gardening Tips To Save Money
The author of this website lives in Adelaide, South Australia and has put together a few money-saving garden tips on propagating, culture, watering and recycling, with beautiful pictures from his own garden.

GardenWeb Australia
This site has a number of resources available to Australian gardeners: forums, allowing gardeners to post queries on plant care and sources or initiate a discussion on a particular topic; the Cyber-Plantsman, an online magazine produced by GardenWeb Australia; links to gardens of the world; and garden tips.

Greengold Garden Concepts
This site provides extensive information on gardening, details of the leading garden centres in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, who are all members of the Greengold group, new product news, care and maintenance notes, ideas, and latest gardening news.

Online Global Garden
Global Garden is an e-zine providing views, news, reviews and clues on the art and science of gardening.

Palms for the Sunshine Coast
This helpful article was written by Leo Gamble who is a member of the International Palm Society and the Director of the Palm & Cycad Society of Australia.

Plant Tissue Culture for Home Gardeners
Dr Acram Taji from the Horticultural Science Group of the University of New England in New South Wales, has compiled a page of information and instructions on how home gardeners can propagate plants.

Redlands Nursery
The website of this Queensland-based nursery contains information on plants they stock, details on the nursery and articles on helpful garden tips.


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