Pomeranians! The magical breed.


Our first Pom, Tiffany, was given to us on our daughter Jennifer's birthday. On April 24th, 1995, Jennifer, a CH-47D crew chief stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, was one of a crew of five that died when the Chinook they were in went down.

We spent what should have been her 20th Birthday grieving, and attempting to celebrate her favorite day, (July 3rd) in honor of her short, happy life. My sister, Patrice, was inspired to buy us a Pomeranian Puppy for Jenny's birthday. It was love at first sight for me. The tiny handfull of fluff with a delighted Pomeranian smile and a pink bow on her head, might as well have been wearing wings and a halo.

Jenny on her 18th birthday. This picture expresses some part of the essential Jenny to me. She was her own unique person. Full of love and laughter and sometimes up to no good.

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I have begun to breed a few of my Pomeranians. They have made such a difference in my life that I want to share them with others. Check out the few pics that we have!

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