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Updated – 11.13.2


Sailor Eyes<<

(A death in the future, the news effects Usagi more than she knows when she finds out it is her own.)


The Misunderstanding<<

(The Lights are back for a more permanent visit and everyone seems happy, too bad an unexpected misunderstanding stands in the way of true happiness.)



New Beginnings<<

(Pointless fic of the inners going to Kinmoku for a visit but getting and losing more than they bargained for.)


For Just One Day<<

(Seiya wishes that he could be Mamoru ‘for just one day’, but quickly finds out it’s not all he thought it would be.)



(Nehelenia is back, but what does she want with Seiya?)



(Can a senshi still become a senshi when they have no idea who they really are? Mamoru’s jealousy almost leads the senshi to their ultimate demise.)


The Warning<<

(Before the battle with Galaxia, Yaten receives a phone call, preventing him from expressing himself to Minako. He’s shocked to find out who it was.)



How Low for Love?<<

(Sequel to ‘The Warning’ kinda a resolve of sorts.)




(Fighter returns to Earth pre-Crystal Tokyo to a startling discovery.)



That’s All in the Past<<

(Inner workings of Taiki’s mind – who he was, is and will be.)



Halloween Lain<<

(Halloween fic that I think I must have written while half asleep -_-;;)



The Catacombs<<

(Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights are facing a new evil that has come from their own planet and past. First half of fic and second are totally different moods -_-;; don’t ask.)


Dream Sequence<<

(Helios decides to take fate into his hands, Kakyuu has a role of her own to play in his plan and some how I got sucked into this fic by just being stuck on my couch.)


Starting Over<<

(Usagi has run away from the future she knows and disguised herself from the world. When Seiya senses the brightness of her star, can she bring her back to the world they have known? slight yuri)


Part of Me<<

(Two different classes of people, one bent on destroying the other by using a prophecy for purification. Can two people come together if one is to destroy the other?)


Wonderful Tonight<<

(Valentine’s Day slips Mamoru’s mind and Seiya is the one to remind him. Can you say FLUFFY?)



What Dreams May Come<<

(Now knowing the lessons of love and hope, can Taiki live on in reality after losing the person who has taught them to him? Reality seems a mere memory and escapes from the day to day routine are a must. Two stars take different paths to release the pain.)



How Far?…<<

(When the woman Yaten has been infatuated with dies, can Minako cure his heart?)



(Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights return home only to have Fighter met with the accusations of treason against Kinmoku-sei. Usagi and the senshi are called to testify and defend Seiya's honor. Joint fic between LiR and myself.)

Come Undone<<

(A Silver Millenium fic... the way I think it happened. *grin* This is inspired by one of my favorite characters of anime, Jury! Shoujo-ai for LiR.)

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