A Floyd County Photograph Album
From the Samuel May House Archive
Auxier, Kentucky in 1915
Auxier, Kentucky in 1913. 1915 Bird's-Eye View of
Auxier, Kentucky.
Bird's Eye View of Drift, Kentucky,
circa 1944.
East Main Street
in Auxier, circa 1920.
Auxier, Kentucky in 1939.
John "Bull" Turner House
at Minnie, Kentucky, built in 1834.
John Burke Turner Store
at Drift, Kentucky, circa 1917.
John Burke Turner Homeplace
at Drift, Kentucky, built in 1845.
Minnie Leslie Martin House
at Allen, Kentucky, circa 1928.
Wesley N. Martin's
Trail of the Forks Garage
at Allen, Kentucky, 1928.
Simpson  Martin Cabin
on Simpson Martin Branch
near Drift, Kentucky.
Wesley N. Martin's
Gas Station and Restaurant
at same location.
Berdie Hall and Bertha Hall Turner
in front of Minnie Post Office.
Minnie Lesley Mine
at Emma, Kentucky, circa 1928.
Bird's Eye View of Wayland,
circa 1914.
Wayland Business District
during construction, circa 1912.
Post Office
and Railroad Station
at Jump, Kentucky.
Wayland houses under construction,
circa 1914.
Main residential section
of Wayland, circa 1957.
Bank of Wayland, 
circa 1914.
Lora Stephens,  cafe manager,
with husband John and daughter Johnnie.
C & O Cafe at Martin, 
Kentucky, circa 1925.
Glo, Kentucky, located
below Wayland on Right Beaver Creek.
Bird's Eye View of Martin,
Kentucky, circa 1942.
Interior of store
with Manager Blanche Keathley.
Utilities Elkhorn Store No. 8
in Martin, Kentucky.
The following people contributed photographs shown on this page: Jim Daniels of Auxier, Kentucky; Judy Music of Auxier, Kentucky; George Barnett of Martin, Kentucky; Phyllis Honshell of Wayland, Kentucky; John Wesley Hall of Martin, Kentucky; Jim Spencer of Martin, Kentucky; Joe David Martin of Lexington, Kentucky; Julius and Mary Rose Martin of Prestonsburg, Kentucky; Barry Martin of McDowell, Kentucky; Jane Wallace of Prestonsburg, Kentucky; and Brenda Wilson McKenzie of Auxier, Kentucky. If you have any historic Floyd County photographs which you would like to see included in the Samuel May House Archive, please contact  Robert Perry.
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