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There really is NO substitution for the right music to enhance your crowds participation in your event.  It is probably THE most important consideration for promoting any "party type" atmosphere no matter what the event may be. It can easily make or break your event. But,
even that is not enough. We (professional entertainers) are your insurance policy that your event will go on no matter what happens.  Long
after your event concludes, some people will rmember if what they ate was good, others will remember the decorations, but most patrons
will remember if they had fun at ________'s wedding reception.  Agreed?  We contribute almost 80% towards your event success.

It is a common misconception that "all we do is stand around & play music". Sadly, I guess some DJ's do just that,
but we like to get involved in planning your event with you. We listen to your needs & can offer suggestions based on our past
experiences. We are here to make sure your event goes as planned, or at least without problems that can be avoided.
Years of working with multiple clients & many event venues means less "surprises" for you.

You do want your guests to have fun and be entertained.... right?
After all, YOU are probably paying for it.
Wouldn't you rather spend a little more to insure your event with great entertainment?
Or, would your rather take your chances on a bargain DJ who may not even show up?

Please single click the link below or a picture above that best describes your event for a FREE planner
will help you plan that unforgettable event! We also offer a
FREE consultation where we sit down and "walk through"
and offer suggestion to help you plan your event. We pay attention to the little things that some others might overlook.

If you need to check availbility, or have comments or suggestions, email us at givethedjabreak@hotmail.com

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