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    Dance Gear and Other Stuff

    Several things are important in dancing. Being a good dancer helps, looking the part helps, knowing what to do helps, knowing the music helps and sometimes just having a holiday helps! Here are some sites that will help you to do the things that help. Check them out.

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    Dance Costumes

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    Dance Gear

  • T-Shirts
    ---HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! - Dance T-Shirts!!!! THE DANCE KINGS' T-Shirts are exciting, exotic, fun to wear, with creative designs to be worn by all the dance lovers out there!! We love to wear our T-Shirts out dancing, and people stop us all the time, and ask us where we got them!!! Let the world know all about your dance preference!!! These designer T-Shirts have a cutting edge design incorporating all the flavours of HOT!!! HOT!!! HOT!!! Summer nights spent dancing in the best dance clubs all over the world!!! Order yours today!!!

    Dance Shoes
  • Showtime Dance Shoes
    Showtime Dance Shoes are the largest Dance Shoe Company in the United States. What Does This Mean To You? For a start they have great shoes for Salsa and Ballroom dancers. Availability from the world's finest manufacturers of hand lasted ballroom dance shoes: Dance Naturals of Italy, Freed of London, Internaional Dance shoes and Supadance. The largest selection anywhere, with over 20,000 pairs of shoes in inventory ready for immediate delivery to your home, work or dance studio....no waiting.

    Music Arrangements
  • Enzo Giribaldi - Musical Arranger
  • Aida Music P/L - Sheet Music On CD ROM

    Music & CDs
  • So Music
    183 King Street Newtown NSW 2042
    ph. (61 2) 9516 1100 fax. (61 2) 9519 8622 e-mail. odeon@magna.com.au

  • Music Front
    Shop 33, Ashfield Mall Liverpool Road. Ashfield NSW 2131
    ph. (61 2) 9799 7795 fax. (61 2) 97991710 e-mail: musicfront@one.net.au

  • Folkways
    282 Oxford Street Paddington NSW 2021
    ph.(61 2) 9361 3980 fax. (61 2) 9332 2153

    New store in Berkelouws Bookstore, 70 Norton St Leichhardt 2040
    ph. 9550 0744

    Travel - Dance Holidays
  • Travel to Cuba
    Throughout the year, Danza Y Movimiento Travel, offer for both single travellers and groups, the chance to holiday in Cuba. Special packages can be organised to learn the Afro-Cuban and traditional Cuban dances, Learn Spanish or just tour Cuba

    Travel - General
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    Videos & Books
  • Razz M'Tazz - Encyclopedia of Latin Dance Video Series
    If you've wanted to learn Salsa, now is the time to do it! These videos are a great way to have fun while learning Salsa New York Style. Just follow the Step by Step instruction and you'll be dancing Salsa and Mambo in no time!!
  • Valdemaro Santi's Dance Books and Videos
    Learn Salsa, Mambo, Merengue and other exotic dances. Three videos and a book which comprehensively describes both basic and advanced steps.
  • Ronnen Levinson - Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing
    This is a fun book which provides advice on ballroom dancing and collecting ballroom dance music.

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