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    StreetDance's List of Cool Links
    Here is a list of links that you might find interesting. If you would like to recommend a link email StreetDance and we'll add it to the list! click here

    Cool Links

  • Born to Salsa
    Web Magazine dedicated to Salsa and the Miami dance scene.
  • JustSalsa.com
    One of the better Web Magazines dedicated to Latin Music, Dance, and Culture
  • SalsaRoots.com
    SALSAROOTS is a website dedicated to the acknowledgement, preservatison and promotion of the Afro-Latin music/dance traditions which have shaped the evolution of Salsa.

  • SalsaWeb Magazine
    The world's leading online Salsa magazine
  • SalsaNewYork.com
    This site has some interesting stuff - events calendar for Mambo/Salsa Dancers in New York, info about dancing Salsa/Mambo "breaking on 2", links to other sites etc. etc.

  • Salsa Dance Patterns
    Here is some more choreography for salsa.
  • Razz M'Tazz
    New York, USA. The place to get info on the best of Palladium Era Mambo and Modern Day Salsa with American Jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms

  • Don Herbison-Evans
    This site provides a History of Latin dances and links to other dance sites
  • Davor's Latin American Page
    Another dedicated Salsero, provides information on Salsa, Tango, Merengue and Mambo. Also has Salsa video clips and links to other sites.

  • CIA TERRA Danças de Salão
    São Paulo,Brazil. Fabiana Terra and Maurício Butenas, the principals of this dance studio are my new Brazilian friends, they teach samba de gafieira, pagode, bolero, salsa, tango (argentino), forró, zouk and others.
  • Norway, Salsa Site Latin Dance Studio
    This site is located in Oslo, Norway. It promotes New York on 2 Salsa. Has gig guides and other stuff.

    DanceSport Links

  • DC Dance Net
    This is a very comprehensive site with tons of information on a range of dance styles! DCDanceNet is your source on the Internet for Dance information in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and beyond.
  • Dance Saskatchewan Inc. (dancesask.com)
    This site aims to support and enhance the development of all dance forms in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. Check it out!

  • Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
    Birmingham Ballroom Dance Association (BBDA) is a local chapter of the United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (USABDA). It is a membership-based nonprofit organization. The basic purpose of each Chapter is to promote dancing in the local community and to educate the public regarding the physical, mental, and social benefits of dancing and to encourage talented dancers to become Dancesport Athletes.

    Reference Sites:

    Mambo, Cha Cha & Salsa

  • Stephen Shaw, Definition of Dancing New York Salsa Breaking on 2

  • Mike Bello, Mambo: Cuba Created It, New York Perfected It!
  • James Religa, New York Hustle

  • Various, Rec.arts.dance

  • Isabbelle Leymarie, Mambo Mania
  • Salsa con Sabor, History of Salsa
  • Tony Alicea, Salsa 101
  • Izzy Sanabria, Latin NY

  • John Barendrecht, History of dance
  • Tambora y Guira,Merengue History
  • Sue Steward, Merengue


  • Don Herbison-Evans, History of latin American Dancing
  • La Clave Es La Llave
  • Pixinguinha, Center for Black Music Research
  • Cartola, Divino Samba

  • Historia O samba na Imprensa
  • Padre chicoteia coquetes e dândies, Luís Antônio Giron

  • Various, candomble.com
  • 100 years of Choro, Bruce Gilman

  • Pixinguinha em Paris, Marco Aurélio
  • La Ciudad y La Fiesta, Nelson N. Fernandes

  • History of Carnival, Love Rio
  • Brief History Of Rio De Janeiro Carnival, Roberto M. Moura

  • Ismael Silva, Oswaldo Martins
  • Pelo Samba de Verdade de Protesto

  • A history of the Samba!, Alessandro Penezzi
  • Danca, Os Desgarrados

  • Overview of Brazilian Music, Caravan Music Homepage
  • Choro, Bruce Gilman/Brazzil.com

  • Viva Carmen, Bruce Gilman/Brazzil.com
  • Encyclopedia of Radio, Peter B. Orlik

  • O perfil de Noel Rosa, Ivone Takasaki

    Puerto Ricans

  • Orlando H. Brenes, Puerto Rican Culture in I Like It Like That

  • Trudy Anderson, Puerto Rican Immigration
  • Mayda Grano de Oro, Puerto Rico

  • Robert Garfias, Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Culture: Music

  • Conjunto Melodia Tropical

    Clave Theory

  • Chris Washburne, clave: The African Roots of Salsa
  • Chuck Silverman, Afro-Caribbean Applications

  • The DrumClub.com, Understanding the clave
  • Chris Smith, Detailed stuff on clave

  • David Penalosa, Writing out clave
  • Alex Pertout, Clave concepts

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  • Manny's Favourite Links
  • Henry's Hotlinks

  • The Dance WWW Library

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